Staycation boom (Worksheet for Pre-Intermediate level)

Мария Цедрик

Сертифицированный преподаватель (TKT 2,3, YL, CELTA, IELTS, TOEFL)

The pandemic has brought with it sweeping restrictions on what the state allows individuals to do and where people can travel. There are even rules that make a foreign holiday a criminal offence. For example, from March 29th, modern-day Britons will be fined £5,000 ($6,900) if they go abroad without reasonable excuse.

No wonder that this year’s big vacation trend is the “staycation”— to go on holiday in one’s own country. We have prepared a worksheet to discuss this type of holiday.

In this lesson, students of Pre-Intermediate level will discuss their travelling preferences, read the article about best UK staycation in 2021 and talk about places to visit in their country. The aim of the lesson is to practice speaking, therefore, let students get familiar with the necessary vocabulary in advance.

Before the lesson, send the vocabulary list and ask to study it. At the beginning of the lesson, check if students have studied the material and encourage them to use new vocabulary in their speaking.

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