While technology is advancing quite fast, the job market is changing rapidly. More and more professions appear every year and the jobs that once were used to be popular are no longer in demand. We have designed a worksheet to discuss the job market in the 21st century with your students.

Here they speak about old and new professions. Watch a video about the jobs that are mostly in demand in 2021. Learn new words, practice speaking and writing skills.

The worksheet is suitable for Intermediate learners.

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    пришлите пожалуйста worksheets, при нажатии кнопки отправления не происходит(

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      Здравствуйте! Просим проверить папку «спам») Если там не окажется письма, просим об этом написать в ответе на этот комментарий.

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    Доюрыый день! не пришел урок

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      Анна Михайлова-Левина

      Здравствуйте! Письмо от Skyteach дошло?


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