English with TV series. A Lesson Plan on The Crown (S4E2)

Autumn is coming… and it means that a new academic year is approaching too. It is time to meet your students, find new ones, continue with old ones and check the curriculum. Implementing videos, films, tv shows in a studying programme sounds exciting and fun, both for students and teachers.

So, check the materials below and enjoy.

Here is the worksheet on the second episode, season 4 of the TV show “The Crown”:

Exercises will help you organise a speaking lesson and boost up your student’s vocabulary and improve listening skills as well. Lovers of British RP will be thrilled watching and listening to great dialogues from the series.

Before the lesson, students should watch the episode beforehand to have a proper discussion during a lesson. Send the list with the new words below to students. They should check meanings and remember the usage of the words in the episode:

  1. to bellow —
  2. a stag
  3. hence —
  4. to have engagements —
  5. a chaperone —
  6. to give a sermon —
  7. a gamekeeper —
  8. to eclipse —
  9. to fly by —
  10. forthcoming —
  11. bold —
  12. far-reaching plans —

Level: Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate/Advanced

Let’s make our lessons fun and useful together!

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