Film Discussion: No Time to Die (Worksheet on the Trailer)

Do you want to spice up your classes with hot discussions on one of the latest movies in the cinema? Are your students interested in No Time to Die?

Watching movies in English enhances students’ vocabulary, listening and speaking skills. Moreover, they learn a lot of new things about this or that culture. To make things easier, we have designed a worksheet on the movie No Time to Die for your Pre-Intermediate students.

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  • Ирина

    Благодарю. Многое у вас подсматриваю 🙂 Спасибо автору за полезный урок

    • Спасибо за спасибо, очень приятно. Передали автору 😀

  • Татьяна Разамаеева

    Ваша информация для проведения уроков очень полезна. Спасибо.


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