To use -ing at the end of the verb or not? Is it correct to say He made me to see a doctor or not? If your students face obstacles with these issues, they definitely need more practice. Considering the topic’s importance, we have designed interactive exercises on Infinitive, Gerund or base forms. The tasks are mainly suitable for Intermediate and higher levels.

Task 1

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given verbs.

Task 2

Spin the wheel and answer the questions.

  • What do you always avoid doing until the last minute?
  • What are some things you enjoy doing every day?
  • What is something you are thinking of doing next year?
  • What is something you plan to do soon?
  • What is something you started to do but didn’t finish?
  • Is there anything specific you would like to learn?
  • What is something you love doing, but don’t have enough time for?
  • What is something you can’t stand doing?
  • When doing sports have you ever risked hurting yourself?
  • What have you stopped doing recently?
  • Have you ever denied doing something even if you did it?
  • What do you hope to achieve in the future?
  • What kind of people do you avoid meeting?
  • What social stigma does society need to get over?

Task 3

Tell about something that…

  • you stopped doing.
  • you stopped to do.
  • encourages you to think more creatively.
  • you’ll never forget seeing for the first time.
  • you often forget to do before you go out.
  • you tended to do when you were at school.
  • you remember doing when you were under five years old.
  • you have to remember to do before you go to bed.
  • needs doing in your house/flat.
  • you need to do this evening.
  • you tried to learn but couldn’t.
  • you usually try doing when you can’t sleep at night.

Task 4

Choose the right answer.

More interactive exercises:

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