Do your students know how to use stative verbs like think, love, smell and have? A stative verb is a verb in English grammar that is used to describe a state of being (I am) or a situation (I have). It refers to the way something is, feels, or seems. These verbs do not indicate physical activity (I walk) or procedures.

ESL learners sometimes face difficulties while using stative verbs in English. The reason is that these verbs cannot be usually used with Continuous tenses. Test what your students know with interactive exercises presented below. The exercises are suitable for the Pre-Intermediate level.

Task 1

Choose sentences that are grammatically correct. Here students read sentences with Stative verbs in Present Simple and Present Continuous. Some of them are grammatically correct. However, some Non-action verbs cannot be used in Present Continuous. Students have to tick the sentences where Stative verbs are used properly.

Task 2

Choose the correct options. Having ticked grammatically correct sentences with Stative Verbs, here students must choose between Present Simple and Present Continous. Their main task is to revise Stative verbs that can and cannot be used in Present Continuous depending on the context.

Task 3

Rewrite the sentences to correct the mistakes. The last grammar activity is aimed at helping ESL students find mistakes connected with Stative verbs and write the correct versions. The main focus is on the usage of Stative verbs with Present Simple and Present Continuous tenses.

The interactive exercises on Stative verbs presented above will definitely help ESL students understand the rules better and have more practise with Non-action verbs with Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses.

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