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We designed this worksheet for the Beginner level primary school children (7-9). Students will learn a new grammar structure “There is/There are”, revise names of the places in town and practice their speaking, writing and listening skills.   Read as well:

In this lesson, your young students will revise the vocabulary on the topics “Nature” and “Family” and learn how to make words plural. The materials used in the lesson will boost the students’ listening and speaking skills.   Read as well:

The 21st century brought lots of new and useful gadgets which made our lives easier and faster. But along with that, it also brought new addictions, especially phone addiction. To spread awareness on the topic, we have designed a worksheet suitable for Upper Intermediate students. Here they learn new words, improve their listening and speaking […]

Life would have been much more challenging if it wasn’t for humour. What’s your students’ attitude towards humour and telling jokes? Do they find some topics unacceptable to tell jokes about? How does humour differ in various cultures? You will find answers to all these questions and even more if you use the worksheet designed […]

The worksheet about the impact of social media on humanity for teenagers and adults on Pre-Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practise the vocabulary related to the issues of ecology and learn to talk about ecological problems they can face in their lives. In addition, they will train their speaking skills in discussions on different important topics. Age: 9-11 Level: Intermediate Time: 40 min Skills: speaking, vocabulary, grammar (should/shouldn’t) Number of […]

Nowadays there are lots of different types of jobs. But in the majority of cases, they are quite ordinary and there is nothing special about them. It goes without saying that all jobs are equally important, but if your job is to test beds in hotels or help an elephant become pregnant (artificially, of course) […]

This lesson will be really helpful while teaching the topic “Clothes” to the third-grade learners. It contains vocabulary practice, songs, engaging activities and games. The lesson aims at developing speaking and listening skills as well as broadening the vocabulary and mastering the pronunciation. Age: 8-9 yearsLevel: ElementaryTime: 40 minLesson type: vocabulary, speaking and listeningNumber of […]

These are some ideas how to practice the Passive voice tenses in more engaging way. Use them with Intermediate+ students. The activities are suitable for one-on-one classes (a teacher will be a partner) and can be adapted for lower or higher levels.   Read more:

In this lesson students revise the vocabulary, practice listening for specific information and practice speaking for fluency in the context of staying at the hotel and solving hotel problems. They will also learn to book a room, check into the hotel and deal with problems. Age: teens/adultsLevel: Pre-IntermediateTime: 60-80 minsLesson type: Listening, vocabulary and speakingNumber […]

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