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To meet or not to meet?  What came to your mind when you heard the question? Warm meetings with old friends, weekly/monthly/yearly gatherings with family or necessary business meetings at work?  If it’s the latter, stay tuned — you can find a worksheet here on the topic of business meetings. This topic is widespread in […]

At the beginning of each new year, people make new resolutions, and some may be influenced by major issues in our world. This climate change worksheet can motivate your Upper Intermediate students to expand their horizons and begin to live more sustainably by reflecting upon climate change. Check this out as well:Noise pollution (Worksheet for […]

“Articles” is one of the tricky topics, even for high-level students. Here is a grammar worksheet on the Definite and Indefinite articles suitable for Intermediate learners. They will revise the usage of articles with geographical names and analyze them in the video of a travel blogger. Check this out as well: Definite, Indefinite and Zero […]

Task 3 of the Grammar section of the Unified State exam is considered one of the most difficult in the exam as it deals with the set expressions, phrases and words which may be easily confused. This vocabulary test is designed to train for this type of task and focuses on money-words which may occur […]

Winter holidays have already gone, and it is high time to prepare for the first lesson with our students. Here we suggest several speaking activities for your ESL classroom that you can use with Pre-Intermediate learners to discuss winter holidays, how they spent them and what New Year’s resolutions they have made. The lesson is […]

The quiz “English discussions” gives you a chance to check on your knowledge of recent high-quality releases and provides you with ideas for meaningful conversation around the issues raised in the visual stories. Check this out as well: Nonverbal Communication (Worksheet for Upper-Intermediate students) Vocabulary and grammar test for Upper-intermediate and Advanced levels

New Year is coming. The peels of tangerines are everywhere, tinsel and lights are sparkling. Let your students have fun with these magic New Year lesson plans and tests. They will introduce the students to New Year’s traditions in the UK, Australia, China and Spain, help practise reading, listening, speaking, and revise New Year’s vocabulary. […]

Christmas is in the air. This festive season is celebrated greatly especially in European countries. If you want to discuss how Christmas is celebrated in Europe and how the cities are decorated with your Upper-Intermediate learners, here is a Christmas worksheet. It is aimed at introducing different European countries during the festive season, providing students […]

Christmas Day, on the 25th of December, is one of the most festive Christian holidays in many countries around the world. Children like this holiday most of all. Although in our country New Year’s Day is more popular, it’s good to teach students Christmas traditions. This Christmas worksheet will make your lesson brighter and more […]

During winter classes, Christmas and New Year films are virtually begging to fit in your Christmas lesson plan. Since lesson time is limited, here we provide you with a list of short films that will come in handy for boosting your speaking activities during the class. Check this out as well: Christmas movies for different […]

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