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People tend to work a lot nowadays forgetting about their family, friends, hobbies and even life because their life is work. Workaholics believe that the main objective in life is to achieve the highest level of KPI, write thousands of reports and earn as much money as possible. It is possible to live at such […]

In this lesson, students will learn the days of the week and revise places to go, such as school, theatre, cinema, zoo. Age: 6-7 y.o. Level: Beginner Time: 50 mins Lesson type: vocabulary, listening, speaking Number of students: 1-15  

“My students keep making the same mistakes”, “My students don’t understand what they need to do”, “It’s hard to provide effective feedback”. Do you have difficulties with creating relevant grading rubrics or providing constructive post-writing feedback? What the best criteria and approaches for assessing writing assignments? Keep reading. In this article, we will highlight the […]

“Cruella“ is one of the most popular movies that came out in 2021. It is an American crime comedy film based on the character Cruella de Vil from Dodie Smith’s. Lots of people around the world have already viewed and loved it. We have designed a worksheet on the film that can be used with […]

World Cat Day is celebrated annually on August 8 at the initiative of the International Fund for the Protection of Animals «Animal Welfare». Its aim is to draw attention to the problem of stray cats and, of course, to honor these cutest creatures in the world. We prepared a worksheet for Elementary/Pre-intermediate level kids. Celebrate […]

We don’t just teach language, right? A huge part of our job as teachers is to prepare students with the skills and experiences that go beyond simply learning a foreign language. When we work with kids, we want them to learn more about the world and be successful in life. This is why teaching life […]

Most of our students have pets. Even if they don’t, they must have heard such terms as “a cat person” or “a dog person”. If you want to find ways to connect with your students, discuss the topic that everyone has an opinion on: cats and dogs. Organise a speaking club on this adventurous subject […]

“Born with a silver spoon in your mouth”, “gravy train”, “hit the jackpot”, “money talks”… Существует так много идиом на тему «деньги». И это неудивительно. Эту тему сложно избежать в разговорах. В социальных сетях сейчас только и слышно о современных мошенниках. Родители волнуются, как бы пристроить детей на хорошее место с высокой оплатой труда. Согласитесь, […]

In this class your students will learn or revise the places to go and how to say where they were yesterday. Age: 7-9 y.o. Level: Beginner Time: 50 mins Lesson type: vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking Number of students: 1-15  

A certain degree of anxiety is familiar to all of us. According to the NHS, anxiety is described as “a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe”. Currently, it is finding its way into pedagogy, and in language learning in particular. The presence of foreign language anxiety, or […]

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