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Native English speakers use Passive Voice both in their speech and in written form quite often. That is why it is of crucial importance to teach English learners how to form Passive Voice and how to use it in their speech. Since in some languages the usage of Passive Voice is not widely spread, this […]

This lesson plan introduces 7-9 y.o. kids to the importance of nature in our life and includes grammar tasks on “Comparative and Superlative”. It is designed for elementary students to revise vocabulary on “Nature” and practice their listening, writing, and speaking skills.   Read as well:

In this lesson, your young students will revise the vocabulary on the topics “Nature” and “Family” and learn how to make words plural. The materials used in the lesson will boost the students’ listening and speaking skills.   Read as well:

Teaching is an art that requires lots of creative ideas, technological skills, and command of various tools to ensure a nice and engaging classroom environment. Sometimes even the coolest lesson plans with interactive exercises turn out to be not as efficient as we expected. The reason? Learners may get tired or bored, may not listen, […]

Are you teaching English for marketing? Do your students need more interactive exercises to practise them? If so, you are in the right place. Here you will find 38 useful phrases for marketing with lots of exercises. They are suitable for Intermediate level. Task 1 With the help of Quizlet Cards your students will learn […]

The 21st century brought lots of new and useful gadgets which made our lives easier and faster. But along with that, it also brought new addictions, especially phone addiction. To spread awareness on the topic, we have designed a worksheet suitable for Upper Intermediate students. Here they learn new words, improve their listening and speaking […]

Life would have been much more challenging if it wasn’t for humour. What’s your students’ attitude towards humour and telling jokes? Do they find some topics unacceptable to tell jokes about? How does humour differ in various cultures? You will find answers to all these questions and even more if you use the worksheet designed […]

Get up, down, over or at? Which preposition is right? If your students often confuse Phrasal Verbs with “get” and “make”, these activities will definitely come in handy. Here they will first learn 18 Phrasal Verbs with “get” and “make”, practise their spelling and later on do some interactive exercises to be able to use them. […]

Classes have already started. On the way to school, kids see different signs. Some of them know their meanings and it provides safety to schoolchildren. So here is a worksheet on this topic which is aimed at introducing some main road signs to primary school children. It is designed for elementary learners to practice their […]

Are your students interested in mental health, psychology and self-development? If so, you are in the right place. Here you will find a worksheet suitable for the Upper Intermediate level. The lesson is aimed at boosting students’ listening and speaking skills, helping them talk about feelings and emotions.   Read as well:

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