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Most of our students have pets. Even if they don’t, they must have heard such terms as “a cat person” or “a dog person”. If you want to find ways to connect with your students, discuss the topic that everyone has an opinion on: cats and dogs. Organise a speaking club on this adventurous subject […]

“Born with a silver spoon in your mouth”, “gravy train”, “hit the jackpot”, “money talks”… Существует так много идиом на тему «деньги». И это неудивительно. Эту тему сложно избежать в разговорах. В социальных сетях сейчас только и слышно о современных мошенниках. Родители волнуются, как бы пристроить детей на хорошее место с высокой оплатой труда. Согласитесь, […]

A certain degree of anxiety is familiar to all of us. According to the NHS, anxiety is described as “a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe”. Currently, it is finding its way into pedagogy, and in language learning in particular. The presence of foreign language anxiety, or […]

The pandemic has brought with it sweeping restrictions on what the state allows individuals to do and where people can travel. There are even rules that make a foreign holiday a criminal offence. For example, from March 29th, modern-day Britons will be fined £5,000 ($6,900) if they go abroad without reasonable excuse. No wonder that […]

One of the most rewarding experiences in life is to teach young learners. Not only do primary educators have the chance to contribute to their students’ cognitive development and celebrate their successes with parents, but they can also enable them to join a multilingual community for life. As the development of children’s language acquisition remains […]

This quiz can help you practise brief answers to agree with someone. Let’s have a look. The easiest way to agree in English is to say “Me too” (to agree with a positive statement) or “Me neither” (to agree with a negative statement). You can also use the construction so do/did/have/would I (to agree with […]

Summer time and the living is easy … In the summer there are more chances to redeem your hard work by indulging in big and little pleasures and to catch up on things for which there is never enough time in the other three seasons. Watching TV series in English is a nice way to […]

In this lesson, students will practise the vocabulary related to the issues of ecology and learn to talk about ecological problems they can face in their lives. In addition, they will train their speaking skills in discussions on different important topics. Age: 9-11 Level: Elementary Time: 40 min Skills: speaking, vocabulary, grammar (should/shouldn’t) Number of […]

Women equality is a trend nowadays. More and more people say no to gender discrimination and do their best to provide women with equal rights. The topic is interesting to discuss with students as it’s thought-provoking. We’ve created a ➡ worksheet that will help you in organizing a special debate lesson both for individual and […]

Shark Awareness Day is an annual holiday celebrated on July 14th. Its purpose is not to stand on the beach and shout out warnings to swimmers and surfers. This holiday is about providing education and awareness of sharks’ importance in the ecosystem, championing them and promoting a positive image for these amazing creatures from the […]

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