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In this lesson, students will learn about new travelling opportunities offered by virtual reality. While watching videos about VR and VR apps, students will think about all the pros and cons of VR trips. They will boost their listening and speaking skills and enrich their vocabulary. The worksheet is suitable for Intermediate+ level. More worksheets […]

Do your students know all spring idioms? Can they use them in their speech? If they face difficulties with spring idioms, use these interactive exercises to help them learn the expressions and practise them. Task 1 Learn 20 Spring idioms on Quizlet cards. Task 2 Match the phrases with the definitions. Task 3 Memory game: […]

The most important thing in every person’s life is happiness, and spring is probably the time when people think about it the most. It’s little wonder: the nature around us is blooming, and we want to live happily. How often do we think about what can make us happy? This worksheet is a good reason […]

The lesson plan is based on the materials provided by the Travli.NET foundation. The topic of bullying is traditionally seen as a taboo for discussion during a lesson. Yet, it has always been quite relevant in a context of nationality-based discrimination and oppression. The lesson seeks to provide not only linguistic but also conceptual value […]

Intensifiers are used to make adjectives stronger, but it’s not always possible to say very with all the adjectives. Extreme adjectives are used with particular intensifiers. Take the quiz and check your understanding of them. Intensifiers make adjectives stronger. This quiz is aimed to check some intensifiers that go with particular adjectives depending on the […]

World Water Day is a great opportunity to bring awareness about the importance of water to your classroom. Here is a worksheet designed for teenagers with Upper Intermediate level.  Students will: improve their vocabulary connected with water;  watch videos about water movement in the world;  learn more about groundwater which is this year’s theme; learn some […]

Teaching Conditionals to ESL students may sometimes be tough and time-consuming, especially when it comes to choosing the right type of Conditional in a sentence. Here we will present the most practical activities that will definitely come in handy when working with Conditionals. 1. Murphy’s Law If anything can go wrong, it will. The activity […]

“Plants can kill”. Sounds like a threatening warning from a horror movie. Actually, it’s written on the gates which lead to the Poison Garden in England. This worksheet is just about it.Students will increase their vocabulary on the topic of plants, watch two videos dedicated to this garden and its plants, as a result they […]

Teaching vocabulary is one of the most exciting things for a teacher. Students are always eager to learn extra words and enrich their wordstock. One of the best ways of widening vocabulary baggage is teaching compound nouns. Most students know both parts of the compound noun and they get excited when ‌they can make a […]

Teenagers are extremely susceptible to being affected by the lives of celebrities, especially now that social media is so prevalent. This essay writing worksheet is designed to assist teachers in having a productive discussion on the topic. It will also help students improve their speaking skills, all while preparing them to write an effective essay […]

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