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After long winter days when everything was covered in white, it’s high time for the world to show it’s true colors, wake up and shine. Bring new fun tasks of Springtime again worksheet to help beginners or elementary students make their skills blossom! Read more: Экономьте время на подготовку к урокам и проверку домашних заданий […]

Do you have any Advanced level students? Check their vocabulary! With our test it’s easy — find out how well your students know tricky words, terms and collocations. More tests:

Do you know that many things we use every day were once invented by women? We have prepared a worksheet on the topic “Women scientists” for Intermediate students, which will allow them to learn important things, enrich their vocabulary and boost reading and speaking skills. Read more: Экономьте время на подготовку к урокам и проверку […]

The acquisition of new vocabulary is essential in terms of overall language advancement. However, there is always a need to review active words from time to time in order to use them fluently in speech. Here, we will present a couple of great vocabulary revision games which will perk up every classroom. Through these games […]

What does the future hold for us? It’s time to ask a generation to share their predictions! In this very communicative grammar lesson students will learn and practice Future Perfect, write resolutions to their future selves and even travel back in time to the 80-s to review the predictions of the iconic science fiction film […]

While discussing different cultures, ESL teachers see how motivating and engaging the lesson can be for students. Such lessons help students get acquainted with foreign culture, traditions and food. If your students are keen on Korean culture — use our lesson ideas. These tasks are suitable for Pre-Intermediate students.   Read more: K-pop, K-drama и […]

There are ample ways of how you can structure ESL lessons to get the most out of the material. Video materials are great if you aim to have an engaging and fruitful lesson.  Here are a number of reasons why to use videos: they add fun and pace to the lesson; they are great both […]

Most ESL learners encounter difficulties while reporting the sentences and using Indirect Speech. Why? The greatest problem about Reported Speech is transforming the tenses, as well as time phrases. Many students don’t feel confident even after completing dozens of grammar exercises without mistakes. Hence, they must also have enough practice in using it in their […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! With this worksheet, your students will be deep in the mood of this holiday of love, master their skills of saying compliments and watch an exciting fairy-tale. Lesson type: vocabulary, speaking, listening, grammar. Age: 7-10. Level: Elementary. Time: 50 minutes. Number of students: 1–15. Materials: if you want your students to make […]

9th of February is the holiday in the USA dedicated to food — National Pizza Day. And it’s not surprising as according to the survey, only 2% of Americans don’t eat pizza. Here is a worksheet about pizza suitable for Intermediate level teens. Learners will repeat words connected with food, enlarge their vocabulary and practise […]

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