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Some nouns appear only in the plural and don’t have a singular form and vice versa. Do your students remember which ones are always singular or plural? You can check it. Just give them this Singularia and Pluralia Tantum Quiz! Students will have to choose between singular and plural forms of a verb. The quiz […]

Hooray! This Halloween worksheet for Beginner level will help your students feel the mood of this spooky but funny holiday, learn about costumes children wear and the tradition of trick-or-ticking, as well as get an opportunity to have a nice speaking practice, roleplay dialogues, sing songs, and read a story. So, let them learn and […]

There are so many different subjects at school and every student has their favourite one. It’s a great idea to talk about it and get to know your students better. You can show them the list of subjects and then discuss their favourite ones. This worksheet will add diversity to your lesson. It’s better to […]

The world is full of amazing nature, undiscovered places and dangerous animals. None of us could hardly imagine how to behave in an unknown situation. But what if one day we found ourselves in a jungle? How would we survive? Here we have designed worksheet for Intermediate level on the topic “How to survive in […]

Autumn is a perfect time to change something. If you’re looking for some ideas for autumn lessons and break routine — here we are, with this list of questions to discuss with your students. Some questions are good for a brief autumn warm-up while others might lead to a heartfelt autumn-inspired conversation. The questions are […]

Are you a fluent English speaker? Skyeng started a new project Life — now you can host online events and webinars in English and get paid for doing it! What is Life? Life is a project where charismatic streamers share their insights and unique experiences on Zoom. Discuss your favourite topics, help others learn new […]

Wherever we go, we always have things to buy: food, clothes, gadgets, souvenirs. This quiz will help your students revise the vocabulary on this topic. It is designed for the Intermediate level. When you finish a lesson on shopping, just send the link to this test to check how well your students have learnt the […]

What is the most popular sport in the world? Sure, it’s football, also known as soccer in the US, Canada, and some other countries. Do your students play this game or watch it on TV? What do they know about this fascinating and emotional competition between two teams? This worksheet will help your students remember […]

In lesson planning, teachers tend to concentrate on the ways of introducing new material and designing a wealth of activities that help strengthen the knowledge. However, as time passes, we see that a certain portion of the newly-learnt material might be forgotten. Here arises the need for revision activities that will somehow fix the “loss”. […]

I’ve heard a lot about a rare breed of good language-learner who are always active, attentive, and engaged. It’s time to debunk this disturbing myth of picture-perfect students: everyone deserves to be called good. It’s just that this good differs. Focus on the good habits The first thing to know: the concept of a good […]

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