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Exercises will help you organise a speaking lesson and boost up your student’s vocabulary and improve listening skills as well. Check the materials below and enjoy

The day has come. You don’t know what to do. No ideas, no energy, no inspiration, no “nothing”. YOU HAVE RUN OUT OF TOPICS for your lessons. You have already covered plenty of cool themes with the students who want to “only talk and discuss” during the lessons. I’m sure you have one, don’t you?

“Hobbies” is a great topic to talk about. Try to spice up your lessons by discussing offbeat hobbies! Birdwatching is among them. It’s very popular abroad. Your students will definitely like it. We’ve made a worksheet suitable for low levels (starting from Elementary). There is a text for reading and a video for watching as well […]

This worksheet is aimed at introducing vocabulary on the topic “Household duties”, suitable for students 9-10 years old. The students will expand their vocabulary, work on their listening and grammar skills through the games, YouTube videos and personalized tasks. Age: 9-10 Level: Elementary, Pre-intermediate Time: 30 mins Lesson type: vocabulary, listening and speaking Number of […]

This quiz can help you practise the possessive case. The possessive case is used to talk about things that belong to a person or animal. Age: 9-14Level: Elementary

American people celebrate Women Equality Day at the end of August. We’ve created a worksheet dedicated to the holiday as it concerns our society as well. Our worksheet contains a little warm-up quiz with surprising facts, an article to read and a viral video to watch. Moreover, there are some provocative discussions inside. We recommend […]

While technology is advancing quite fast, the job market is changing rapidly. More and more professions appear every year and the jobs that once were used to be popular are no longer in demand. We have designed a worksheet to discuss the job market in the 21st century with your students. Here they speak about […]

This test can help your kids practise vocabulary on the topic “Travelling”. It is suitable for Pre-Intermediate learners. Sometimes over one answer is possible.

Working women tend to plan quite thoroughly the steps which are necessary to take before leaving for maternity leave. The time spent at home while taking care of the baby is one of the most exciting and exhausting things that one can have. The joy and endless happiness of a new parent go in parallel […]

With this lesson plan, students will learn and review vocabulary related to the months of the year and birthday parties. In addition, after the lesson they will be able to say when their birthdays are, write simple invitations to their birthday and congratulate friends. Age: 8-10 Level: Elementary Time: 40 min Lesson type: vocabulary, listening, […]

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