One of the key elements to success in International English exams is the Academic IELTS Vocabulary. If students have a rich vocabulary on the topic, they will not face obstacles in reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities.

To make things easier you can use Quizlet cards, which will help students memorize the words better. In our previous articles, you can find TOEFL vocabulary: Environment, IELTS vocabulary: Health, and IELTS vocabulary: technology.

And we have designed Quizlet cards on the topic of “Art”.  Words are mainly taken from the following IELTS resources — Complete IELTS bands 6.5 -7.5, Ready For IELTS: Coursebook by Sam McCarter, Vocabulary for IELTS with answers, IELTS Practice Online.

Some more IELTS Vocabulary

IELTS vocabulary: Crime and punishment

IELTS vocabulary: Earth and Space

Упражнения по теме Computers

Work-Related Vocabulary (Test)

Phrasal verbs for IELTS (Test)

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