Есть ли у вас ученики, которые хотят работать в сфере IT, но не понимают, чем там нужно заниматься, какие специалисты требуются и какую область выбрать? Поможет наш готовый план урока «Карьера в IT». Он подойдет для обучения студентов уровня Intermediate как на уроке в школе, так и на онлайн-занятии. Ученики познакомятся с рядом профессий в сфере информационных технологий.


Цель урока: образовательная, практическая.


  1. Чтение и понимание статьи, ознакомление с профессиями в IT.
  2. Практика лексики, понимание терминов в IT.
  3. Использование лексики в упражнениях.
  4. Обсуждение популярности профессий и сферы IT

План урока:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Lead-in
  3. Reading for gist 
  4. Vocabulary practice
  5. Discussion
  6. Cool down
  7. Results

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1. Warm up

Обсудите с учениками цитату Годфри Реджио. Студентам нужно ответить на четыре вопросов.

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.”— Godfrey Reggio

Discuss the quote.

  1. Why are careers in the IT field in high demand now? 
  2. Is an IT profession well-paid? 
  3. What skills must an IT professional have?
  4. What field(s) of IT are you interested in and why?

Вам могут пригодиться и другие планы уроков для школьников:

2. Lead-in

Продолжите обсуждение популярных профессий в сфере IT.

What popular IT professions do you know?

Teacher’s notes: 

• SMM — social media manager curates a brand’s social channels and creates and posts videos and images.
• Virtual assistant provides different support to other businesses from a remote location.
• UX designers make products enjoyable and usable for people.

What are these people responsible for? What are their duties and obligations?

Teacher’s notes:

Let your student express own opinion, give examples, if there are no ideas, you will find out this in a text.

• Applications
• Programmer 
• Software Engineer/Software Designer
• Computer Salesperson 
• System Analyst 
• IT Manager 
• Security Specialist
• Hardware Engineer/Hardware Architect
• System Support Person/System Administrator 
• Network Support Person/Network Engineer
• Computer Services Engineering Technician

3. Read the text

Ученикам нужно прочитать текст и сопоставить названия профессий A–J с описаниями 1–10.

Match these different types of IT jobs A–J with the descriptions 1–10 in the text. 

A — Applications Programmer 
B — Software Engineer/Software Designer
C — Computer Salesperson 
D — System Analyst 
E — IT Manager 
F — Security Specialist 
G — Hardware Engineer/Hardware Architect
H — System Support Person/System Administrator
I — Network Support Person/Network Engineer 
J — Computer Services Engineering Technician


The IT industry is one of the fastest growing and changing areas. Technology is developing so quickly. Every day new devices and systems appear. They become more efficient for information and communication technology. Careers in the IT field are in high demand nowadays. The industry is expected to grow. IT specialists may work in commercial spheres and IT companies. Careers in information and communication technology fields include different roles and tasks associated with planning, research, installing, maintenance and monitoring the performance of IT systems. 

There are the following careers in IT: 

1 _____ This specialist manages projects, technology and people. He is responsible for installation of new software, a support group. This specialist develops and implements computer software that supports the operations of the business. Usually he is in charge of project development and support of the system. Has to take responsibility for budgets and for staff. E IT Manager 

 2 _____ This specialist organizes efficient work of computers within an organization, makes a detailed analysis of the employer’s requirements. This may involve hardware as well as software. He can adapt existing software or to prepare new software, implement and test a system. This specialist is as a link between the user and the programmer. H System Support Person/System Administrator

3 _____ This specialist maintains the link between PCs and workstations connected in a network. Uses telecommunications, software and electronic skills. He has some knowledge of the networking software to locate and connect faults. It includes work on the wiring, software or microchips on a file server, or on cables either within or outside the building. I Network Support Person/Network Engineer

4 _____ This specialist researches, designs, and develops computers, or parts of computers and the computerized elements of appliances, machines, and vehicles. He may specialize in different areas: research and development, design, manufacturing. Has to be aware of cost, efficiency, safety, environmental factors, as well as engineering aspects. G Hardware Engineer/Hardware Architect

5 _____This specialist produces the programs which control the internal operations of computers. He converts the system analyst’s specification to a logical series of steps. Translates these into the appropriate computer language. Designs, tests and improves programs for computer-aided design and manufacture, business applications, computer networks and games. B Software Engineer/Software Designer

6 _____ This specialist advises potential customers about available hardware and sells equipment. Discusses client’s requirements. Organizes the sale and delivery and, if necessary, installation and testing. May arrange support or training, maintenance and consultation. Must have technical knowledge. C Computer Salesperson

7 _____ He is an analyst programmer who is responsible for maintaining, updating the software used by a company. This specialist handles applications software, sorts out problems encountered by users. Solving problems may involve amending an area of code in the software, retrieving files and data lost when a system crashes. D System Analyst

8 _____ This specialist can be responsible for installation, repair of computers and related equipment. He installs hardware tests by running special software. Some technicians carry out routine servicing of large systems. Some specialists identify and repair faults as fast as possible usually by replacing faulty parts. J Computer Services Engineering Technician

9 _____ This specialist creates software applications by writing code that is error-free. He also tests and evaluates applications, and improves applications to make them user-friendly. Writes the programs which enable computers to carry out particular tasks. May write new programs or adapt existing programs. He checks programs for faults and does extensive testing. A Applications Programmer 

10 _____ These specialists are responsible for implementing and overseeing an organization’s security systems. They install, program, and maintain automated systems, including managing the distribution and coding of security passes or ID cards. F Security Specialist

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4. Vocabulary Practice 

Предложите студентам дополнить определения глаголами, использованными в тексте.

Complete the definitions with the verbs used in the text.

1 _____ — do and finish, perform a task carry out.
2 _____ — invent something new or create design.
3 _____ — find or discover something research.
4 _____ — to change something to correct a mistake or to improve it amend, alter.
5 _____ — put a new program onto a computer download.
8 _____ — translate instructions from one computer language into another convert.
9 _____ — find the exact position of something locate.

Ученикам необходимо заполнить пробелы.

Fill in the gaps

  1. Programmer writes the programs which enable computer to _____ (carry out) particular tasks.
  2. He devises a series of logical steps and _____ (converts) these to the appropriate computer language.
  3. QR Engineer checks programs for _____ (faults) and does extensive testing.
  4. He _____ (installs) hardware tests by running special software.
  5. Some specialists _____ (identify) and _____ (repair) faults as fast as possible. 

Задание: замените данные слова их синонимами.

Change given words with their synonyms

  • Some technicians perform (carry out) routine servicing of large mainframe systems.
  • Others are called to determine (identify) and fix (repair) errors faults as quickly as possible.
  • Transforms (Converts) the system analyst’s specification to a logical series of steps. 
  • Interprets (Translates) these into the appropriate computer language.
  • Solving problems may involve changing (amending) an area of code.
  • This specialist curates (manages) projects, technology and people. 

Предложите ученикам перевести русскоязычный текст на английский.


  1. ИТ-менеджер управляет проектами, технологиями и людьми. Он берет на себя ответственность за обслуживание серверов и установку нового программного обеспечения.
  2. Инженер-программист/разработчик программного обеспечения разрабатывает программы, преобразует данные, переводит их на соответствующий компьютерный язык.
  3. Программист приложений пишет программы, которые позволяют компьютеру выполнять определенные задачи. 
  4. Продавец компьютеров консультирует потенциальных клиентов, организует продажу и доставку.
  5. Инженер по оборудованию исследует, проектирует и разрабатывает компьютеры или части компьютеров. 

Больше идей для уроков со школьниками найдете в этих статьях:

5. Discussion

Проведите дискуссию на тему “Live and learn”. 

Why is it suitable for a career in IT?

  1. Would you like to have a career in the IT field? Why is it one of the fastest growing and changing areas?
  2. Is it a well-paid job nowadays? Why are these jobs in high demand now?
  3. How can you describe the work of an IT specialist? 

Use these words: time-consuming, complicated, boring, rewarding, creative, responsible, monotonous, useful

  1. What character traits are suitable for this profession? (hard-working, attentive, introverted, creative, careful, logical, smart, curious, intelligent)? 

6. Cool down

В конце урока спросите студентов:

  • Which IT jobs did you get to know? 
  • Is there a wide variety of IT jobs?

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7. Results

Попросите учеников подвести итоги занятия.

Now I can:

  • Name professions in IT.
  • Name some duties and obligations of these specialists.
  • Name verbs describing activities in IT.
Используйте готовый план урока о профессиях и карьере в сфере информационных технологий, практикуйте необходимую лексику. Успехов в обучении!
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