Каждый знает, когда отмечать Международный женский день или День матери, а вот День отца менее известен. В России этот праздник стал официальным недавно и празднуется каждое третье воскресенье  октября, в то время как во многих странах мира празднование приходится на третье воскресенье июня. Давайте познакомим наших учеников с этим праздником.

Предлагаем вам идеи для урока к празднику Father’s Day для учеников уровня Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate любого возраста. Материал поможет ученикам отработать лексику, закрепить ее в слушании по теме и вывести в речь во время обсуждения.

Бонусом мы обсудим молодежный сленг и посплетничаем о мужчинах — строго для девушек. 

На образовательной платформе онлайн-школы Skyeng преподаватели всегда могут найти подходящие готовые уроки к определенным праздникам для учащихся разных уровней. Есть раздел Media Holidays, где собраны материалы по государственным, религиозным, популярным праздникам.

В случае персонализированных запросов на помощь учителю приходят методисты и сообщество преподавателей школы, где единомышленники щедро делятся материалами, знаниями, опытом и советами.

Про интерактивную платформу Skyeng 

Рассказываем про личный кабинет, автопроверку д/з, виртуальную доску, задания, персональный трек ученика

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Другие статьи о платформе Skyeng для учителей английского:


  1. Warm up
  2. Lead-in
  3. Reading
  4. Idioms 
  5. Listening «7 Types of dad»
  6. Let’s gossip / Funny slang for clean girls only
  7. Sum up

1. Warm up

Давайте познакомим наших учеников с праздником День отца. Для начала зададим вопросы и введем их в тему.

  1. Do people celebrate Father’s Day in your home country? 
  2. What are some qualities a father should have?
  3. Do you remember any films about fathers?

Вам могут пригодиться и эти материалы к урокам английского:

2. Lead-in

Обычно разговоры о членах семьи вызывают эмоции. Если видео покажется слишком сентиментальным, обсудите интересные факты.

A.Посмотрите видео. Ответьте на вопросы.

Let’s watch this video. It is very sensitive. 

  • Who always worries about us? Who is responsible for us? (our parents)
  • Who was a father figure to you? (it might be a granddad or a couch or an uncle)

B. Let’s read some interesting facts about Father’s Day.

  • According to the Greeting Card Association, Father’s Day is the fourth-biggest day for sending greeting cards, after Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
  • Researches have proved that when fathers are involved in their child’s education, the children perform better in school, learn more, and exhibit healthier behavior. 
  • More than 214,000 men are stay-at-home dads in the US and over two million are single Dads.
  • The world’s oldest father is Ramajit Raghav from India. He was 96 years old when his 52-year-old wife gave birth to a baby boy in 2010. Raghav was single until he was in his 80s.
  • In Germany, the men spend Father’s Day drinking beer all day at beer gardens.

3. Reading

Прочитаем текст и ответим на вопросы.

Let’s read the text and answer the questions.

Fathers give us life and happiness. Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world to recognize the contribution of all the fathers and men in the lives of children. This day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting. The love, care a father shows, the responsibilities he takes, dedication is worth praising. No matter what the circumstances are, he is the protector of his kids.

When is Father’s Day?
Falling on the third Sunday of June every year, Father’s Day is on June 16th this year.

Father’s Day History — How did Father’s Day Begin?
Let’s take a little dig into Father’s Day History.
Father’s Day officially began back in the year 1910 in Spokane, Washington. A woman named Sonora Dodd, 27- year-old, proposed the notion of Father’s Day as a way to honor her father. She wanted to honor and celebrate the man who raised her when her mom died during childbirth. Sonora was at a church service when she conceived the idea of Father’s Day and how grateful she was to have her father. She chose to celebrate Father’s Day in June — her father’s birthday month.

What to do on Father’s Day? 
In the morning, all fathers love it if someone prepares a bid breakfast. Normal activities for Father’s Day include special dinners, sporting events. Young children often make Father’s Day handmade gifts in school. Older children take their dads to baseball games or car shows. This special day can be difficult for those who have lost their fathers. 
The roles of fatherhood have changed with the times. These days, many couples share household duties equally. Many moms are busy with their own careers. Stay-at-home and single dads are on the rise staying at home on sick days, changing diapers. Fathers also have a strong bond with their children.

A. Answer the following questions:

  1. When is Father’s Day celebrated in the US?
  2. Where did Father’s Day originate?
  3. Who and why wanted to make this holiday official?
  4. What do children usually do for their dads?
  5. How have the roles of parenting changed?

B. Fill in the gaps with the words from the text.

  • Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world to recognize the _____ of all the fathers and men in the lives of children.
  • This day celebrates fatherhood and male _____.
  • The love, care a father shows, the responsibilities he takes, _____ is worth praising.
  • Sonora Dodd, 27- year-old, proposed the notion of Father’s Day as a way to _____ her father.
  • Stay-at-home and single dads are on the rise staying at home on _____, changing _____.
  • Fathers also have a strong _____ with their children.

C. Give your own examples of sentences with given words. If needed, explain their meaning.

to honor
sick days 

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4. Idioms 

Предложим несколько идиом со словом «папа», подберем определения.

Match an idiom with its definition.

  1. A daddy’s girl/boy
  2. Who is your daddy?
  3. Father figure
  4. Like father, like son
  • an older man who you treat like a father, especially by asking for his advice, help, or support
  • a humorous way of saying that a person should be thankful for something
  • a child who always wants to be near his/her father
  • to be similar to your parent

Больше планов уроков английского:

План урока английского по теме «Музыка»

5. Listening «7 Types of dad»

Послушайте с учениками подкаст про типы отцов. Обратите их внимание на 7 типов. Выпишите их.

Let’s listen to the podcast. 

Write down 7 Types of dads.

The key: 

1. Responsible dad
2. Thoughtful dad
3. Nurturing dad
4. Affectionate dad
5. Interactive dad
6. Sharing dad
7. Providing dad

Послушайте аудио еще раз и сконцентрируйтесь на качествах и обязанностях разных типов. К какому типу относятся следующие качества.

Let’s find out some personality traits of each type. Which kind of dad do they relate to?

  • good at organizing
  • are responsible for their child’s appointments 
  • are great at knowing their child’s strengths and limits? Needs of family
  • know what kids love to play
  • are good at preparing meals, bath time and buying clothes
  • express their love, give their child hugs 
  • playful, involved
  • share household tasks, discuss all with mum 
  • the breadwinner and protector of the family

На кого из великих педагогов вы похожи?

Пройдите наш тест с простыми вопросами о ваших преподавательских принципах
и получите подарок к уроку английского 🎁

Пройти тест
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6. Let’s gossip / Funny slang for clean girls only

Мы узнали разные типажи. Давайте посплетничаем и обсудим мужчин. Осторожно! Некоторым это может показаться оскорбительным, поэтому подбирайте аудиторию для такого обсуждения.

Если у вас есть студенты, которые являются активными пользователями соцсетей, блогерами и вообще следуют трендам медиа, этот блок будет им интересен.

В интернете появляются новые мемы, а речь большинства молодых ребят уже буквально состоит из сленга, который молниеносно распространяется в соцсетях. Последним трендом в онлайн-пространстве стала классификация мужчин по типажам. В центре внимания скуфы, масики, чечики, штрихи и тюбики. 

A. Для начала что такое концепция clean girl

Let’s read and discuss. Answer some questions.

The term clean girl aesthetic refers to a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trend based around a look that’s intended to appear elegantly casual but also minimalist and effortless. The term was popularized and is particularly associated with TikTok. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful in your skin. The Clean Girl Aesthetic encompasses principles of minimalism, clean beauty, sustainable living and eco-friendly practices as well as self-developing.

B. Прочитаем чат, где девушки обсуждают типы мужчин и могут ли они стать хорошими отцами. 

Let’s read a chat where girls are discussing different types of man and if they could be good fathers.

I don’t know about you guys, but hardcore alphas intimidate me. I was never attracted to this kind of people. To me sigma males are the most attractive, perhaps because my father is like a sigma male. Hardcore alphas probably make poor parents.

Sigmas make terrible fathers. They are so narcissistic, god!

Sigma males however…What do they typically offer to the family? In my experience, sigma males tend to be very selfish, like alphas, but without any desire to lead and inspire people.

Sigmas are alpha-ish except they are disinterested in influencing others, or contributing to their happiness. They are loners & less interested in social status. Lonely wolves.

1. Have you ever heard of alfas and sigmas? 
2. Can they be good partners and parents? 
3. What are well-known stereotypes about them?

For additional information you can read https://www.wikihow.com/Sigma-Male-vs-Alpha-Male

C. Забавные названия по типажам. Давайте попробуем их перевести.

Russian slang words: 

  • Скуф
  • Масик
  • Чечик
  • Тюбик
  • Штрих

Скуф — geezer /sloven / slob — is a Russian slang word. It means a bald fat, not an old man, who doesn’t care about his outfit, stinks and often drinks beer and plays the world of tanks.

Тюбик — Fuckboy — borrows money, never solves anything, is indecisive.

Штрих — G (gangster) / mob — a criminal, a hooligan, might be an abuser.  

Масик — sugar daddy, my boo / my bae / fixer — a guy who solves any problem, arranges whatever.

Чечик — wet wipe — is a nice guy who is always your friend and you can cry on his shoulder.

  • Give examples of such types of guys from films.
  • Do you notice these types of guys in real life?
  • Which type can be a good father?
  • Which type would you rather avoid?

Еще полезные материалы об английском сленге:

7. Sum up

Мы предложили идеи к традиционному уроку. Вы можете дополнить его вокабуляром, идиомами в зависимости от интересов учеников, а с самыми продвинутыми обсудить тренды соцсетей, если это уместно. 

Желаем вам интересных уроков!

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