В мае все будут говорить о великом празднике, с которым у нас ассоциируется этот месяц — Дне Победы. Предлагаем вам план урока английского для уровня Intermediate.

Цель урока: отработать с учащимися лексику, связанную с Днем Победы, пригласить учеников к дискуссии об уроках Великой Отечественной войны на английском языке.

Задачи урока:

  1. познакомить учащихся с новой лексикой, связанной с темой победы в Великой Отечественной войне и второй мировой войне;
  2. развивать навык аудирования;
  3. создать дискуссию, пригласить учеников высказаться об уроках Великой Отечественной войны и Второй мировой войны.

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  1. Lead in
  2. Vocabulary presentation and practice
  3. Listening.
  4. Speaking. 

1. Lead in (Введение в тему).

plan uroka victory day 1 Skyteach

Предложим ученикам описать картинку и объяснить или перевести на родной язык изображенные на ней фразы.

Упражнение 1

Look at the picture. Describe what you see in it. What do you think is the meaning of the picture?

Possible answer: There are red poppies in the picture and a  soldier bowing to them or bowing to a tomb which is possibly under them. The picture symbolizes soldiers who sacrificed for us and we must never forget about them.

“Red poppy flowers represent consolation, remembrance and death. Likewise, the poppy is a common symbol that has been used to represent everything from peace to death and even simply sleep. Since ancient times, poppies placed on tombstones represent eternal sleep.

After the Napoleonic wars in the early 19th century, the land was destroyed as it was left desolate, arid and infertile. Shortly after, red poppy flowers magically grew around the bodies of the fallen soldiers. Poppies then became a symbol of hope and peace with an underlying meaning that the sacrifice of soldier’s lives were for the greater good. Again in 1914, the fields of Northern France broke out in fighting as World War 1 began. Once the world war was over, one of the only plants to regrow were red poppy flowers”.

Источник текста

Упражнение 2

Explain the collocations you see / Translate the collocations you see.

Remembrance Day — The Day we must never forget (День памяти)

Lest we forget — For us not to forget / For us to remember (Чтобы помнили)

Упражнение 3

Today we are going to talk about the great event in our history — The Great Patriotic War and The Second World War.

Look, read and do the task. Then we are going to discuss.

plan uroka victory day 2 Skyteach
Ответы: на слайде должны быть отмечены все страны, Нацистскую Германию во Второй мировой войне поддерживали все указанные страны и не только они, их называли «страны Оси» (The Axis powers), им противостояли «Союзнические войска» (The Allied Forces), которые включали изначально «Большую Четверку» — СССР, США, Великобритания и Китай, позже к ним присоединилось много других государств. Всего во Второй мировой войне принимало участие 57 государств. Подробнее можно прочитать здесь https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/576136

Вам могут быть полезны и эти материалы для уроков английского:

2. Vocabulary presentation and practice (Введение и отработка лексики).

Упражнение 4

plan uroka victory day 6 Skyteach

Предложим ученикам соотнести значения слов с их определениями. Если ребятам будет сложно понять значения слов, можно предложить соотнести слова с их переводом на русский язык.

plan uroka victory day 3 1 Skyteach

Упражнение 5

Предложим ученикам заполнить пропуски новыми словами.

Fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

liberating * Allied Forces  *  victory  *  surrendered  *  defeat  *  commemorate
  1. There were __________ fighting against Nazi Germany in World War II. They included Soviet Union, the UK, the USA, China and other countries.
  2. On the 8th of May Leaders of Nazi Germany had to sign documents admitting an absolute ______ for the Axis powers. 
  3. The ___________ was so admired and demanded that everybody was singing, crying and dancing.
  4. To ___________   people we lost in those horrendous events there are a lot of memorials and monuments all over the country.
  5. Nazi Germany _____________ to Allied Forces and the war was finished at last. 
  6. A lot of Soviet soldiers sacrificed their lives for  _______________ European people.

Упражнение 6

Предложим ученикам вспомнить памятные места нашей страны, связанные с Великой отечественной войной.

Find the name of the place in the photo. Give the Russian equivalents to the others and say why they are important.

plan uroka victory day 4 Skyteach

3. Listening.

Упражнение 7

 Listen to the news TV program from India and mark the topic mentioned in it. (00:00 – 00:51)

  1. place where Nazi Germany signed the document about the defeat,
  2. events in Moscow to commemorate the Victory Day,
  3. the cities where important battles were held,
  4. the monument dedicated to soldiers who died in the War.
Keys: 1, 2, 4.

Упражнение 8

Listen again and mark the statements as “True”, “False” or “Not Stated”.

  1. Nazis surrendered to Allied Forces with the signing of the instrument of surrender in Reichstag in Berlin.
  2. Nazi Germany accepted defeat at the hands of the Soviet Union.
  3. There are a lot of red flags, Saint George’s ribbons and  other Second World War related symbols in Moscow to commemorate the Victory Day.
  4. There is extra security for the President because of the Parade.
  5. Unlike usual celebration of the Victory Day, the parade is held only in Moscow that year.
  6. The parade is usually started with the President’s speech.
Keys: 1. False — Reichstag was destroyed, the event was in the “outskirts of Berlin”, 2. False — SU and Allied Forces, 3. True, 4. Not Stated, 5. False, 6. True.

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Рассказываем, как проходит отбор и что нужно делать кандидатам.

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Другие статьи о преподавании в Skyeng для учителей английского:

Упражнение 9

Read the script and check yourself. Then explain the meanings of the words in bold.

More than 78 years ago Nazis surrendered to Allied Forces with the signing of the instrument of surrender in the outskirts of Berlin. Nazi Germany, it accepted defeat at the hands of the Soviet Union and other Allied Powers.

Yes. Now, to commemorate that event Moscow is awash with red flags, Saint George’s ribbons and   other Second World War related symbols. It’s Victory Day in Russia and some of the former Soviet Nations. The stage is set for the annual parade on the Red Square. Security has been beefed up in the capital, all eyes are now on the Grand event in Moscow which begins a few hours from now and all years on President Putin’s speech.

Now the Russian military holds the parade at Moscow’s Red Square and in other cities to mark the event and elaborate ceremony also takes place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the memorial in Moscow dedicated to Soviet Soldiers who died during the War.

Упражнение 10

Listen to a professor from Norway and fill in the gaps. (6:45 – 07:03)

but it’s also worth 1.__________ that the Soviet Union lost about 2. _______ million people to defeat Nazi Germany and 3. ___________ Europe, so every Russian family was devastated and it has a huge 4. ________  on identity of the Russians much like the Holocaust would have a huge influence on Jewish identity… 
Keys: 1. remembering 2. twenty-seven (27) 3. liberate 4. influence.

Упражнение 11

Answer the questions.

  1. What is the synonym to the word “devastated”?
  2. Why do you think the War had a huge influence on identity of the Russians?
  3. What nation does also have a great influence on its identity and why?

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4. Speaking. 

Предложим ученикам порассуждать о тех уроках, которые каждый должен извлечь из ужасающих событий Великой Отечественной и Второй Мировой войны.

Answer the questions.

Use useful language:

  • commemorate
  • remember
  • surrender
  • fight for
  • horrendous
  • devastated
  • must never forget
  • lose
  • destroy / destroyed
  1. Do you have your family stories dedicated to the Great Patriotic War?
  2. Why do you think there are a lot of monuments in our country dedicated to the War?
  3. Why did Nazi Germany start the War? What ideology was it based on? Do you think those ideas disappeared?
  4. How did the War influence our country and the World?
  5. Why do you think we talk about Victory Day every year? Why is it important? Do we need to remember and commemorate it in 20 / 50 years?
  6. What lessons should we learn from this War?
  7. Are you going to do anything to commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and peace?

Вопросы можно расширить, ориентируясь на ответы студента. Надеемся, эта важная на все времена тема поможет ученикам осознать ценность жизни.

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