In this lesson, students share their summer experiences and make plans for the rest of the season. They practice speaking, learn some summer idioms and go on a virtual tour.

Age: 18+
Level: Intermediate
Time: 50 mins
Lesson type: Speaking and vocabulary
Number of students: 1-8
Materials: worksheet, teacher’s notes

Lesson plan:

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Activity 1. Lead-in

Talk to your partner. Which of these things do you associate with summer? Why?

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Изображение от Freepik
  • What are the three best things about summer?
  • What are the three worst things about summer?
Teacher’s notes

5 mins

Aim: to engage students in the context of the lesson.
Procedure: Put SS into pairs. Ask them to look at the pictures and talk about their associations. They can talk about their present or past experiences. 
Brainstorm the best and the worst things about the summer and put their ideas on the board. Tell SS that you’re going to talk about summer, learn some idioms and travel virtually.

Activity 2. Vocabulary work

Read the idioms and the examples. Work out the meaning of these idioms.

to find (earn) a place in the sun — I’ve done what everybody’s done. I’ve fought my way in. I think I’ve earned my place in the sun.
rise and shine! — Wakey wakey, rise and shine!
a ray of sunshine — We love looking after our grandchild. He’s a ray of sunshine!
to have a summer fling — It’s a summer fling for you, but for him, you’re his happily ever after.
to soak up (some) sun — I just want to lie on the beach and soak up the sun.
to catch some/a few rays — I’m going out to catch a few rays before lunch.
to take a shine to someone — She really took a shine to her new neighbor.

Answer the questions with one of the idioms from the list.

  1. Did you meet anyone on holiday? (or Did your friend meet anyone on holiday?)
  2. What did you do on the beach?
  3. What do you say to someone to wake him/her up?
  4. Are you satisfied with your job?
  5. What do you like doing in the summer?
Teacher’s notes

8 mins

Aim: to learn some idioms containing “summer” words.
Procedure: Draw SS’ attention to the idioms and the examples. Let them discuss in pairs and then check the answers.

to find (earn) a place in the sun — to get a good or lucky position
rise and shine! — said to tell someone to wake up and get out of bed
a ray of sunshine — a happy person who makes others feel happy, especially in a difficult situation
to have a summer fling — to have a simple relationship over the summer free of hassle and drama
to soak up (some) sun — to enjoy and lie in the sun
to catch some rays — to get some sunshine, especially for the purpose of relaxing
to take a shine to someone — to like someone immediately

Let SS ask and answer the questions using the idioms. The answers don’t have to be true.

Possible answers:
1. My friend had a summer fling. He met a girl and took a shine to her.
2. I soaked up the sunshine/ I caught some rays.
3. Rise and shine!
4. Yes, I’m happy, I’ve found my place in the sun/ Not, really, I keep looking for another job. I’m sure I’ve earned a place in the sun.
5. Ice-cream is a ray of sunshine for me.

If you have time, SS can make more sentences about themselves using the idioms.

Activity 3. Discussion

2/3 of summer is over. It’s time to sum up. Talk to your partner.

  • What I DIDN’T DO this summer
  • A unique person I met this summer
  • My most memorable moment of the summer
  • One thing I learned this summer
  • The person I spent the most time with this summer
  • The best meal I ate this summer
  • A day that I wish didn’t happen this summer
  • What I wish I had taken a picture of this summer
  • Something educational I did this summer
  • Something I bought this summer
  • Something I made this summer
  • The best word to describe this summer


summertime 2 Skyteach
Image by Freepik

Share three of the most interesting facts about your partner with a group. Then make a list of 10 things to do before the summer is over.

Teacher’s notes

Aim: to practice speaking for fluency.
Procedure: Ask your SS to discuss the points in pairs. Conduct content feedback: let them share one interesting fact about their partner. 

Give them some time to make a list of possible things to do in August. Collect the ideas and make a big list on the board.

Activity 4. Virtual tour

Work with your partner. Go to and have a look at 360 degrees photos. What would you do there? Use some of the idioms from activity 2.

Teacher’s notes

7-8 mins

Aim: to engage SS and practice speaking for fluency.
Procedure: You can show 360 degrees photos using the overhead projector and ask SS to talk in pairs. Or SS can go to a website  using their smartphones. They need to comment on every picture using the Second conditional:
I would soak up some sun here. I would buy some presents and souvenirs in this shop. I would talk to friendly local people, they are rays of sunshine!

Activity 5. Would you rather? Optional

Ask and answer in mini-groups.

Would you rather…

…go on holiday alone or with a big group of people?
…go on a package tour or organize a holiday fully by yourself?
…make lots of videos or lots of photos on holiday?
…go to the beach or go to the mountains for your holiday?
…stay in a five-star hotel without a big territory or in a three-star hotel with a very good view and territory?

Teacher’s notes

Aim: to practice speaking for fluency.
Procedure: Let SS discuss their holiday preferences in pairs. They need to figure out if they have anything in common.

Activity 6. Sum up

Teacher’s notes

 2-3 mins

Praise SS for good work and give delayed error correction feedback.

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