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One of the most common verbs in English is the verb “to have”. It has quite different meanings in various contexts. Although its learning begins from primary school, many teens and adults have difficulty in using it. To make things easier we should concentrate on practising the verb “to have” with kids and make the […]

With so many types of fruit and vegetables today, it is very important to teach your kids the specific vocabulary properly. Of course, you can find lots of interesting exercises to practise on the Internet. However, we have collected 7 most amazing and practical activities that your kids will definitely enjoy. Guess the food This […]

No matter what level your students are while working with the new vocabulary they need to be aware of the importance of patterns such as collocation. There are a lot of different activities to practice collocations in class, e.g. sorting activities, when students group words according to collocate; dominos, when students match collocations end to […]

Successful young learners’ teacher is like a gymnast trying to keep balance during the lesson. Discipline is a cornerstone of the primary school lessons. Kids’ short attention span shrinks if someone distracts the class. The secret of perfect discipline lies in the right amount of stirring and settling activities to get all students engaged. Calm […]

What tasks do you use to practice new vocabulary with your students? Most often teachers use such activities as labeling the pictures, matching, bingo, boardgames, crosswords, etc. When students study the topic “Body parts” most activities look like this: Here are some other ideas to practise this vocabulary. Monster maker Review body parts and numbers. […]

A lot of teachers will agree that the hardest part of working with Young Learners is teaching them to read. English is not spelt phonetically so reading in English is challenging. We have already written an article on two methods Phonics and “Look and say”. Phonics is the most widely used, so in this article, […]

Collaborative learning is an approach to teaching and learning that involves groups of students working together. They might be working towards solving a problem, creating a project, or just completing a task. The benefits are obvious: collaborative learning is student-centred; it promotes group dynamics and helps establish relationships; it put teenagers into lower-risk situations and, […]

Days of the week are usually taught very early in almost every ESL courses. If you have already tried different songs, matching and fill-the-gap activities and your students still can’t remember the words, I am happy to share the activities which worked well with my students. Here are some handy tasks to practice the vocabulary […]

We are living in the era of the Internet, super-fast smartphones and robot vacuums. Our students are spending half of their free time on social media. They know what “Stories” are (not the ones in books), how to google anything and which side of their face looks more advantageous in a selfie. Many of us […]

In this video, the bear brothers desperately try to acquire more friends and decide to become «internet famous». This worksheet is designed for Pre-Intermediate teen students and will perfectly fit a lesson on the topics “Friendship”, “Internet celebrities”, “Becoming famous”, “Modern world”, “Teenagers and their problems”. These activities are suitable for group and one-on-one classes […]

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