Метка: intermediate

While technology is advancing quite fast, the job market is changing rapidly. More and more professions appear every year and the jobs that once were used to be popular are no longer in demand. We have designed a worksheet to discuss the job market in the 21st century with your students. Here they speak about […]

“Cruella” is one of the most popular movies that came out in 2021. It is an American crime comedy film based on the character Cruella de Vil from Dodie Smith’s. Lots of people around the world have already viewed and loved it. We have designed a worksheet on the film that can be used with […]

Present Continuous is considered as an easy tense studied on the Beginner level. However, it has some tricky cases which must be analysed. Some of them are understandable without deep explanation. Try to pass our test to check your knowledge and guessing skills. If it’s hard for you, revise the rule in depth and redo […]

Each year on April 30th, National Honesty Day challenges us not to lie in everything we do. People usually celebrate the day by answering questions truthfully all day long. They even use #NationalHonestyDay to share on social media. In this article, you will find some lesson ideas to discuss the topics of honesty and dishonesty […]

The world is full of fun and unique wedding traditions. Some of them are very well known within specific cultures or in certain regions of the world – yet some we have never heard of. Here is a worksheet that will help your students explore these traditions which will expand their idea of the different […]

The Internet has become a source of addiction, especially for teenagers. We quite often see young people sitting in cafes or in parks with their friends but without interaction. All they do is socialize online. Here we have designed a worksheet that can be used with your teens to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of […]

Running out of ideas? Don’t know what to do next with your student? No worries! Implementing TV shows, films in your lessons might be an option not to fall in a deadly routine. Nowadays there are a lot of series made on various topics and depicting a wide range of characters and events. You can […]

Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for teenagers, as it gives them an opportunity to see the world, take in a new culture, meet people of different cultural and national backgrounds and gain a life experience. Here is a worksheet which is designed for Intermediate learners to find out the great […]

It has been a year since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the royal family without giving any clear explanation on it. And now, one year later, they spoke about the hardships they had to overcome in a new Oprah interview clip. Currently, this exclusive interview is one of the hottest discussion topics all over […]

It was one year ago this month that the pandemic kicked off a series of event cancellations including the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, dancing and other activities that normally surround it. This year there will be 6 virtual days and nights of celebration that people can watch online. We have designed a worksheet for […]

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