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School is back. We are buying stationery and preparing materials. So do kids. This worksheet is aimed to introduce and practise the vocabulary on the topic “School”. It is suitable for Elementary level students 10-12 years old.

Дети познают мир вместе с героями любимых мультсериалов, учатся новым моделям поведения, расширяют словарный запас. Изучать английский по мультфильмам на любимую тематику, например, о транспорте, будет вдвойне интересно. Психологи не рекомендуют для малышей контент с высокой динамикой событий и слишком громкими звуками. Офтальмологи с осторожностью относятся к демонстрации мультсериалов детям младше 2,5-3 лет. Также экран […]

This test can help your kids practise vocabulary on the topic “Travelling”. It is suitable for Pre-Intermediate learners. Sometimes over one answer is possible.

In this lesson, students will learn the days of the week and revise places to go, such as school, theatre, cinema, zoo. Age: 6-7 y.o. Level: Beginner Time: 50 mins Lesson type: vocabulary, listening, speaking Number of students: 1-15 ➡ Worksheet

World Cat Day is celebrated annually on August 8 at the initiative of the International Fund for the Protection of Animals «Animal Welfare». Its aim is to draw attention to the problem of stray cats and, of course, to honor these cutest creatures in the world. We prepared a worksheet for Elementary/Pre-intermediate level kids. Celebrate […]

Greenhouse, Garden, Jungle. It doesn’t matter what version of the listening task you’re using, students still might have difficulties with it. In this article, we will present some practical ideas on how you ease listening practice if it is too difficult for students. Listening is one of the basic skills that language learners need to […]

We don’t just teach language, right? A huge part of our job as teachers is to prepare students with the skills and experiences that go beyond simply learning a foreign language. When we work with kids, we want them to learn more about the world and be successful in life. This is why teaching life […]

Тема «Мой дом» — одна из самых любимых у учеников и преподавателей. Она включает в себя широкий набор лексики, который не ограничивается только названиями комнат. Со студентами можно изучить также мебель, предметы быта, части дома, предлоги места. Все самое полезное и интересное. В этом материале я поделюсь играми, которые увлекут детей на уроках и помогут […]

Felt storyboards or flannel board stories is a multi-sensory activity. It is the way of storytelling using a board covered with flannel and objects made of felt that can stick to the board. This visual aid requires preparation: choosing an appropriate text, creating characters, and other props. During telling the story the teacher or/and the […]

Listening skills take a crucial part in language learning and their good command helps kids to have a better and more effective result. With the help of listening skills, children learn new vocabulary, improve their pronunciation, and are motivated to speak. As we know, kids are really good at learning new things quickly if it […]

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