Метка: upper-intermediate

Intermediate and upper-intermediate level is usually distinguished by rich and complicated vocabulary.  The English language full of lots of synonyms and words that seem to have the same meanings may make the learning procedure a bit sophisticated. Previously we have presented a test on commonly confused words for pre-intermediate and intermediate students. Here we have […]

Instagram is gaining more and more popularity due to its simplicity and visual attractiveness. Lots of people follow the stars’ accounts on this social network. We have already written how celebrities can help to teach grammar and vocabulary in this article. Such materials can add a fun element to your lessons and encourage learners to […]

Have you ever thought about writing a letter to yourself in the future? Ask your students to practice Future Continuous and Future Perfect tenses through discussing this topic. This worksheet can be used with Intermediate students and Upper Intermediate students.

Having high-level students seems to be fun: you can talk about anything. Make sure to check out Alexander’s vocabulary games to make all that speaking a little bit more organized.

In this lesson, students practise reading a blog post about autumn for gist and detail and practice speaking for fluency in the context of ‘Autumn’. Age: Teenagers/Adults Level: Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate Time: 50 mins Lesson type: reading and speaking Number of students: 1- 8 Materials: worksheet recording of Fariborz Lachini’s ‘Golden Autumn’ set of autumn paintings (optional) […]

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