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This worksheet is aimed at presenting the idea of slow living, discussing pros and cons of fast and slow living and practising new vocabulary in speech. It’s suitable for Upper Intermediate level.   Read as well for Upper Intermediate level:

The summer is the perfect time to discuss what makes us travellers and why so many people travel alone. This worksheet is designed to help your students discover what kind of travel experience they truly want and spark their interest in planning their first solo trip. In addition, they will learn how to plan an […]

Summer is one of the most refreshing topics for young students, especially if you have an opportunity to conduct lessons outside. But first, let’s teach them how to stay safe in the sun.  The worksheet is aimed at introducing some of the important steps to take when spending time in the sun to primary school […]

In this lesson, students will talk about the important factors of different jobs and workplaces, discuss relationships between employees and employers, and watch a video about the best workplaces. As a result, they will boost their listening and speaking skills and enrich their vocabulary. The worksheet is suitable for Upper Intermediate level.   Read as […]

The term “habit” has become a buzzword that is used by everyone, from health coaches to… teachers. The worksheet is designed for Upper Intermediate and Advanced students who wish to reflect more deeply on existing behaviours that bother them and, in collaboration with a teacher, analyse how our brain contributes to the process of adopting […]

Для нас, преподавателей, тема Present Simple — одна из самых простых в грамматике английского языка. Но наши студенты с нами не согласятся! Многие ученики и их родители обращаются к репетитору именно с таким запросом: помочь наконец-то выучить настоящее время. В этом гайде мы предлагаем разобраться, как лучше всего объяснять тему Present Simple детям и взрослым

Memories are always connected with our past: take a dive into nostalgia with our worksheet for Intermediate learners. Students will talk about their past experiences and watch a video about false memories and discuss their effect on a person. This will help them remember some events from their childhood, as well as help increase their […]

The worksheet’s goal is to raise awareness about children’s rights and how they are currently treated by various actors. This includes governments, humanitarian organisations, children’s family and friends, and others. The lesson plan consists of vocabulary practice, reading tasks, and collaborative speaking assignments. You and your students will delve into the controversial subjects of child […]

The issue of food waste is growing and that’s why it needs to be discussed not only during the thematic conferences but with our students too. We have designed a worksheet dedicated to topic “Food waste“ for Upper-Intermediate students. There are speaking and listening activities which will help them to enrich their vocabulary, a task […]

The exams season is at our doorstep, and everyone is amidst the emotional rollercoaster: parents, teachers and students, of course. This worksheet will help ESL students take a moment to think about how our brain, body and exams are interconnected. By learning about the origin of stress, they will be able to better handle the […]

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