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Technologies advance rapidly. One would enumerate thousands of benefits the 21st century has brought to us, while others keep claiming that technology has a terrible impact on society. Which idea do your students support? Are they for or against technological development? You can discuss all these questions with them using our worksheet “The impact of […]

To meet or not to meet?  What came to your mind when you heard the question? Warm meetings with old friends, weekly/monthly/yearly gatherings with family or necessary business meetings at work?  If it’s the latter, stay tuned — you can find a worksheet here on the topic of business meetings. This topic is widespread in […]

At the beginning of each new year, people make new resolutions, and some may be influenced by major issues in our world. This climate change worksheet can motivate your Upper Intermediate students to expand their horizons and begin to live more sustainably by reflecting upon climate change. Check this out as well:Noise pollution (Worksheet for […]

“Articles” is one of the tricky topics, even for high-level students. Here is a grammar worksheet on the Definite and Indefinite articles suitable for Intermediate learners. They will revise the usage of articles with geographical names and analyze them in the video of a travel blogger. Check this out as well: Definite, Indefinite and Zero […]

В этой подборке вы найдете планы уроков, упражнения и worksheets для детей всех уровней: Starter, Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate. Используйте их для введения и отработки лексики по темам: Cooking, Transport, Sport, Travelling, Feelings. Pre-schoolers, Starters На начальном уровне A1 дети 4-6 лет могут поздороваться, ответить на вопросы о погоде и настроении, описать животных, назвать цвета, цифры, […]

Поздравляем вас с Новым годом и дарим большую подборку: готовые уроки от методистов и преподавателей Skyeng для уровней от Beginner до Upper Intermediate. Желаем выспаться на каникулах и провести время так, как вам хочется. Готовые уроки для уровня Elementary На начальном уровне английского A1 по CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) взрослый ученик использует в […]

Christmas is in the air. This festive season is celebrated greatly especially in European countries. If you want to discuss how Christmas is celebrated in Europe and how the cities are decorated with your Upper-Intermediate learners, here is a Christmas worksheet. It is aimed at introducing different European countries during the festive season, providing students […]

Christmas Day, on the 25th of December, is one of the most festive Christian holidays in many countries around the world. Children like this holiday most of all. Although in our country New Year’s Day is more popular, it’s good to teach students Christmas traditions. This Christmas worksheet will make your lesson brighter and more […]

Christmas is not only about amazing decorations, fabulous Christmas trees and ornaments, but also about delicious food and sweet cakes. To spice up your classes with Christmas recipes, you can use the following lesson ideas in our worksheet. Почитайте по теме New Year and Christmas dishes around the world: lesson ideas и, конечно, наш дайджест […]

While the borders are closed and we can only dream of going to explore most European countries, let’s do it! This lesson will help your students remember useful travelling vocabulary and understand where to use will and going to. Moreover, they will enjoy this English trip to Europe to develop necessary skills. Get this worksheet […]

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