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Felt storyboards or flannel board stories is a multi-sensory activity. It is the way of storytelling using a board covered with flannel and objects made of felt that can stick to the board. This visual aid requires preparation: choosing an appropriate text, creating characters, and other props. During telling the story the teacher or/and the […]

Every lesson teachers try to surprise their young students with some new games or activities. Children’s picture books are great resources for any lessons. They are the foundation of what they read for the rest of their lives. They can help teach kids how to read and introduce them to new stories and vocabulary. They […]

Teachers keep looking for extra language practice for their students: additional exercises, videos, cartoons, songs, etc. We always want to add variety to our lessons and extend students’ language practice outside the classroom. Graded readers are another option to do that. In this article, I’ll cover some of the graded readers for pre-primary and primary […]

Summer is considered to be the most favourite time for almost everybody, especially kids. They enjoy their summer holidays playing, having fun and being free from the lessons. However, most of them lose two or three months of English skills practice. Kids forget what they have learnt during the year and engage themselves in different […]

На онлайн-марафоне Teaching children how to learn мы в течение трех дней обсудим реальные практики и лайфхаки, как научить детей учиться. Второй день будет посвящен тому, как дети с ранних лет могут проанализировать урок английского и свою роль в нем. Вебинар проводит Gail Ellis, эксперт ELT и преподаватель из Франции. Gail Ellis преподает английский язык […]

Have you ever heard about EEE model?  “EEE” is a model of sequencing activities for teaching children. It stands for “Encounter, Engage and Exploit” (Mourão and Gamboa, 2007). It correlates with a well-known PPP model, “Presentation, Practice, Production”, but tends to be more friendly. Primary school is the best time to captivate children with English […]

Teachers always ponder how to stimulate motivation and engagement into classroom activities. The question gets more important when we talk about kids. While designing activities for kids, one must bear in mind that they prefer simple tasks which, on the one hand, do not make them tired and overwhelmed and, on the other hand, are […]

Successful young learners’ teacher is like a gymnast trying to keep balance during the lesson. Discipline is a cornerstone of the primary school lessons. Kids’ short attention span shrinks if someone distracts the class. The secret of perfect discipline lies in the right amount of stirring and settling activities to get all students engaged. Calm […]

A lot of teachers will agree that the hardest part of working with Young Learners is teaching them to read. English is not spelt phonetically so reading in English is challenging. We have already written an article on two methods Phonics and “Look and say”. Phonics is the most widely used, so in this article, […]

When introducing a topic how do you engage your young learners? How do you make them interested in the topic? How do you let students know the goals for the lesson? The most common way to introduce goals of the lesson is just to say “Today we are going to talk about music”. Do you […]

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