English idioms are perhaps one of the funniest things to learn especially for kids. Literally translated they are nonsense, whereas native speakers use them a lot in their speech. Here is a test with the funniest and most widespread idioms that Pre-Intermediate young learners should know.


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  • Фото аватара

    This is very interesting. Thank you for the idioms and their meaning.

  • Фото аватара
    Sofia Kiryak

    Hello, Veronica. Thank you for the idioms and definitions. They are rather interesting but the other two sentences in a row with the idiom sometimes look ridiculous, e.g. — the orange of my life, — hold your monkeys,head in the weather, coach cucumber,
    clever cake.

  • Фото аватара

    Veronica, hello. There is no Funny Idioms in this post, unfortunately. Maybe some kind of mistake has occurred?


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