Gamified assessment with Quizizz — what is it and how can you use it?

There are many ways to assess students’ knowledge: tests, exercises, observations, but you can gamify the formal testing using Kahoot and Quizizz! Quizizz helps to motivate students and save the teacher’s time. How did I live without it before?!

Quizizz is a resource to create free tests for your students. It can be used both at home as a self-study tool or in class. The tests are created on various topics: English and Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, World Languages, Creative Arts, Computer Science and Skills, Career and Technical Education. In the video below you can see general information about Quizizz.

How can you use it?

  1. Create your own new quiz or mix and match other teachers’ questions. You can import questions from spreadsheet too. You can add a quiz image, grades and set the timing for each question (30 seconds is the default time). It can be public, visible for everyone or it can be private, visible only to you. You can see all the quizzes and reports in your profile. You can monitor progress by class and share individualized updates with parents. If you create classes and students log in, you can assign games to students without game codes, students can see assignments and progress reports. You can also add points, memes for each answer.
    quizziz Skyteach
    (Source: Quizizz.com)

    2. Students play the quiz at their own pace: in class or at home. Students can play on their own or play a multiplayer game with other students. There are different game modes: 

  • Classic (students answer at their own pace, compete individually), 
  • Team (students answer at their own pace, but scores are grouped by the team),
  • Test (it’s ideal for conducting an assessment, it requires login).
game modes Skyteach
(Source: Quizizz.com)

If you set it as homework, you can set the date and the time when students should complete the quiz.

HW Skyteach
(Source: Quizizz.com)

What can it be used for?

  1. Present new material in a new way. You can make flashcards there: picture + word or word + definition. After setting the context, you show a picture and elicit the new vocabulary, then you present and drill it. Then you can show the word itself (form). 
  2. Provide students with additional practice of the target language. There are two ways to do that. First of all, students can use the flashcards mentioned above to review the words. They can shuffle them; flip to see the word or definition; they can choose which ones are learnt and which ones are needed for further review to practise them again. Secondly, students can do tests on their own to practise the new language.
  3. Gamify controlled practice. For example, you create a game and students join in by entering a 6 digit game code and play together.
game code Skyteach
(Source: Quizizz.com)


  1. Assess students’ knowledge in a less stressful way and see the results automatically.
  2. Create homework that is automatically evaluated.
  3. Improve students’ certain aspects of the language. Usually, we have mixed-ability groups and different students have different problems. We can create various tests for various students’ needs.

What are the advantages of these tests?

  1. These tests motivate students to study as they are not boring exercises from coursebooks. 
  2. Tests give teachers more free time as they are automatically checked. 
  3. You have access to all created quizzes from teachers around the world and you can use ready-made quizzes.

    quizziz Skyteach
    (Source: Quizizz.com)
  4. Students can retake the test to improve their results. 
  5. Quizizz handles the grading. As a result, the teacher can see what each student has scored, what they can improve and share their results via Google Classroom. 
  6. You can use different themes, music and game modes for students. 
  7. It’s absolutely free! 
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