Days are flying by and sometimes we can’t even remember the dates. Time dictates its pace. Nowadays life is so fast that we struggle to notice great moments in every simple day, it is getting more and more challenging to see some beauty in things. But, you know what, Art has always been a tool to add some freshness, zest, meaning, sadness, happiness, variety into life depending on how you see and understand Art. As Inspire your heart with Art Day celebrated on January 31st is coming, this presentation will just come in handy.

Tasks are appropriate for students of Pre-Intermediate-Intermediate levels but might be adapted to any level. Students will learn some vocabulary related to the topic Art and other useful phrases which might be helpful discussing any topics, practise reading skills and speaking giving opinion on art and what it does to people.

As Pablo Picasso said “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”, so liven up your lesson and celebrate Art Day.

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