Do you want to have some backup games that will fill your extra class time with your students and get them talking in English at the same time? If yes, here are conversation questions for Would You Rather …? game that will get you going.

Age: 15+

Level: B1+ (GE, BE)

Lesson type: Speaking Focus

Number of students: 2+

Procedure Would You Rather …? game:

Step 1: Print out the file. Cut out as indicated.

Step 2: Put the students in pairs/groups depending on the size of the group.

Step 3: Give each pair a set of cards (ask them to put it face down).

Step 4: Let students take turns and ask each other the “Would you rather” questions.

Step 5: Ask students to use follow up questions to generate more language and create a discussion after each “Would you rather” question. e.g.

Q: “Would you rather be rich or famous?”

A: “I would rather be rich.”

Follow up: “Why?”

A: “Because if I am rich I can also be famous”

Follow up: “What would you do with that much money?”

A: “I would…”

The conversation can go on for about 3 minutes for each question.

These kinds of activities work the best in “getting to know” or speaking focus sessions where your primary goal is to work on fluency and boosting communication skills in a foreign language. It’s also a good idea not to interfere while the students are on this task and give them a chance to figure their way out from challenging situations. Taking language notes and conducting an error correction slot should surely be there by the end of the activity in order to upgrade students’ language and attend to the words/phrases they had difficulty with.

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