Since Autumn has already come, it is high time to teach and practise thematic vocabulary to your kids. If you have already introduced the basic words on the topic of “Autumn”, here you will find a couple of online exercises that will suit your primary learners. The exercises will also help your kids to master their listening and writing skills.

Click on the names of the tasks to open them.

Note: Pictures are taken from and

Picking the appropriate word for the picture.

Rule: Look at the pictures and pick the appropriate word.

Finding the pairs

Rule: Find the pairs and match the words with the pictures.

Writing the words

Rule: Write the words the pictures present.

Listening and finding the words

Rule: Listen to the word and pick the appropriate picture.

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    Thanks for your feedback) Glad to hear that your students liked them 🙂

  • Фото аватара
    Anna Morozona

    Even my teens love these tasks! Thanks a lot!


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