Are you ready to have the scariest and funniest party of the year? Halloween is perfect time to let students relax a little bit and have fun in the lesson. Here are some top games for Halloween celebration.

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Traditional games

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Toilet Paper Mummy Game

The aim of the game is to wrap up a friend like a mummy using a roll of toilet paper. It can be played with kids, teens and adults. Divide students into groups of two and have one wrap the other up like a mummy as quickly as possible and whichever team’s mummy runs to the finish line first wins.

Bob for Apples

A classic game that students will love as they try and catch the apple with their mouths. Once they master it, they won’t want to stop playing. Fill a bucket with water and put apples in it which will float. The children must kneel down next to the basin and try to catch the apples with their mouths only. The first child to take a apple out wins.

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Halloween Feel Box

A favorite Halloween party game for trick-or-treaters of all ages that will have everyone saying «ewww!»  Raid your fridge for slimy, squishy, or crunchy foods and hide them inside DIY cubbies. Label the spaces with the foods’ eerie doppelgängers and watch kids gleefully giggle in disgust. This is a great sensory game idea and there are lots of ideas for what to put in your Halloween box.

Halloween Spoon Game

This is just like a traditional egg/spoon race but instead of using eggs you will use plastic eyeballs (you can paint ping pong balls to resemble). You can have races where all the children hold a spoon and race to a finish line balancing the eyeball on the spoon. They cannot hold or shield the eyeball with their hand and if it falls off their spoon they are out. Another way this game can be played is as a relay race. To play this version divide the students into two groups and line them up at the start line. The first player on each team places their plastic eyeball on the spoon and race to the finish line and back. If they drop the eyeball they must freeze for five seconds before picking it up and resuming the race. When they get back to their team they pass the spoon and eye to the next player who continues the race. The first team whose members complete the race wins.

Monster Freeze Dance

A traditional Halloween party game where you dance to the music and then freeze when it turns off.

Pin the Spider

A fun, spooky alternative to “Pin The Tail On The Donkey”. Students should pin a spider on the web with their eyes closed. Who sticks their spider closest to the web’s center is the winner.   

Candy Corn Bingo

This Halloween board swaps out snoozy numerals for witch hats, ghosts and black cats. Purchase a bag of colorful candy corn to use as markers. When the game is over students eat the candies they have placed on the board.  

Skeleton Hunt

You will need to dismember two sets of plastic skeleton bones (printed bones will also work). Hide the bones throughout your playing area. Divide kids into two teams.
The first team that finds and reassembles their skeleton wins. After the game you can sing the song and do the skeleton dance.

Some other great games

kollazh2 SkyteachMini Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

You’ll need a mix of mini orange and white pumpkins—real or faux—plus fun Halloween washi tape to make a tic-tac-toe “game board” on your table. Use the orange and white pumpkins in place of the Xs and Os. Whoever gets three in a row first wins!

Face the Cookie

Players have to put a cookie on their forehead and using only their face muscles (no hands!), get the cookie from their forehead into their mouth. If the cookie falls to the ground, they must either pick up the cookie from the ground or get a new cookie and start over

Roll a Frankenstein

Make a craft project more interactive by rolling dice to see who can attach the most body parts to their Frankenstein first.

Pumpkin Twister

Swap out colorful circles with a printable pumpkins for a fun twist on the classic party game.

Bobbing for Donuts

String up some donuts from a tree and let kids go after their own treat.

Ghost Relay Race

In this relay race teams must race the ghosts (white balloons) to and from the finish line by keeping them up in the air. The players can never grab or hold the balloon; they must keep it up in the air by hitting it. Each team is given their own ghost balloon. You can draw a face on it to add a bit of fun. On the start of go the first player from each team bumps their balloon with their hand or head to the finish line and back to the start where the next player on the team takes it over. The team that finishes first claims victory. An alternative is when students should balance a white balloon (ghost) on a paper plate without letting it drop.

Spider Races

All you need for this game is some straws and plastic toy spiders — whichever kid blows their spider across the finish line first wins.

Spiderweb Walking Game

Create a spiderweb out of tape on your floor and have kids see how long they can walk on the «web» without falling off, while dodging obstacles and collecting prizes along the way.

Frankenstein bowling

Paint faces on cans, then stack scary heads. Students should knock them down in one shot. You can also create jack-o’-lantern cans or just use toilet paper rolls to create ghosts.

Poppin’ pumpkins

Use orange balloons topped with green leaves to make instant pumpkins and hide some tasks inside. Your students will love the excuse to make a loud mess.  

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Ideas for Halloween lesson with adults

Murder Mystery Game

A murder mystery game is perfect for this time of year. Your students will become characters in a story and it’s up to them to find out which character is the murderer.

Halloween Jinx

This game requires some memory. As the lesson starts let students know that there are certain words that they can’t say. If they do say them, you can set up some type of fun or embarrassing penalty.

Halloween Camera Scavenger Hunt

Students at your Halloween party are going to love this fast-paced Halloween party game for adults. Split them into groups and have them race around the town trying to get all the pictures (or videos) they need to win the Halloween scavenger hunt.

Pie eating Contest

For this contest, you might want to supply the pies. Have a table and chairs ready for the contestants. To make it really fun, you can have the hands of the contestants tied behind their backs. This will give them an added challenge. Instead of using traditional pies, you can put gummy worms at the bottom of plates and then cover the plates in whipped cream. The contestants have to get all the gummy worms out and whoever is first wins.

Would you rather

The game of “Would you rather” is a great ice breaker for any group of people to play. Use some of the Halloween-themed questions below to get your students talking and warmed up to play even more fun Halloween games.

Sample questions:
-Would you rather be abducted by aliens or chased by a serial killer?
-Would you rather stay the night in a haunted house or in a cemetery?
-Would you rather have a pumpkin as a head or have knives as hands?
-Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

What are your favourite Halloween games? Write in comments below.

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