Native English speakers use Passive Voice both in their speech and in written form quite often. That is why it is of crucial importance to teach English learners how to form Passive Voice and how to use it in their speech. Since in some languages the usage of Passive Voice is not widely spread, this topic may turn out to be quite challenging for learners. However, with the help of effective classroom tools and techniques, an ESL teacher can enhance the learning process of the topic and keep students engaged.

Here we have prepared 3 different types of Interactive exercises on Passive Voice which you can use with your young learners. The activities are mainly suitable for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate level. You can find exercises on Passive Voice with different tenses and verb forms here.

Task 1

Choose the correct options.

Task 2

Make the sentences with passive forms. Mind the tenses in brackets!

Task 3

Choose the correct option.

Previously, we have touched upon the topic of “Passive Voice” and presented several useful materials, such as:

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