Даже студенты продвинутого уровня испытывают затруднения в точном и уместном использовании времен Present Simple и Present Continuous. В нашей статье вы найдете пять эффективных заданий, направленных на глубокое понимание и правильное применение этих времен в английском языке. Эти задания помогут устранить распространенные ошибки.

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Упражнение 1

Underline the correct word or phrase to complete each sentence.

  1. I haven’t decided yet whether to buy a new car or a second-hand one. But I think about it / I’m thinking about it.
  2. All right, you try to fix the laptop! But I hope / I’m hoping you know what you’re doing.
  3. Every year I visit / I ’m visiting mountains to practice skiing.
  4. They should turn on the central heating. It gets / It’s getting colder every day.
  5. The film Titanic is very long. It lasts / It is lasting over two hours.

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Упражнение 2

Find mistakes and correct them.

  1. I’m depending on you, so don’t let me down!
  2. Is this total including the new students?
  3. Excuse me, but do you wait for somebody?
  4. These potatoes are tasting a bit funny.
  5. How are you feeling today?

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Упражнение 3

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using one of the words in bold. Do not change the word in bold. You must use between two and five words, including the word in bold.

  1. Charles and his father are exactly alike in appearance.
    Charles _ his father.
  2. Take all your possessions and walk slowly to the exit.
    Take everything _ and walk slowly to the exit.
  3. I’m finding it really enjoyable to work here.
    I _ here.
  4. I take work home regularly because of my new responsibility at work.
    My new responsibility at work _ work home regularly.
  5. In my cycling group there’s Bob, Tom, Harry and me.
    My cycling group _ of Bob, Tom, Harry and me.

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Упражнение 4

Complete each sentence with the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. You look upset. What (you / think) _ about?
  2. Could you come here, please? I (want) _ to talk to you now.
  3. Jane is away on holiday so Linda (handle) _ her work.
  4. To be honest, I (doubt) _ whether Jim will be here next week.
  5. We (weigh) the baby.

Упражнение 5

Complete the text with the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

I work in a large office with about thirty other people, most of whom 1 (know) quite well. We (spend) most of the day together, so we have all become friends. Office life is always full of gossip. In fact, I (think) of writing a book about relationships! (take) Mary Watson, for example. She (run) the Finance department. At the moment she (go out) with Peter B., one of the managers, and they (seem) very happy together. But Peter (look) constantly at the secretary from another department who currently (see) her chef.

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