The school bell is soon going to stop ringing, but the summertime is a great opportunity for students to learn and keep having English environment around them. If your students have made up their mind to stop having English classes in summer, it is not yet a reason to give up interest in English. Therefore, we as teachers should do our best to keep our students motivated through summer even without having classes with them. Here we have prepared a list of tasks your students can do that will help them not to lose their interest in the language.

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— Create a memory book for summer (use photos and write corresponding descriptions in English).

— Post photos on Instagram* leaving short but accurate comments.

— Read short stories suitable for your level.

— Watch educational films that are made special for your level.

— Start thinking in English (whatever you think during the day, try to do it in English training your brain).


— Make a to-do list for summer in English.

Find a pen pal who speaks in English and communicate with him.

— Listen to your favourite English songs and check the words that are often repeated in them.

— Follow brief world news in English.

— Make posts on social media.

— Switch your phone and other devices into English.

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— Follow English or American vloggers and watch at least one video per week.

— Follow your favourite actors and actresses on social media, analyse their posts and leave comments.

— Watch films and serials in English (don’t be afraid, you will definitely understand the gist). (“Supergirl”, “How to get away with murder”, “Becoming”, “Skyscraper”, “The two Popes”, “The Terminal”, “The Airplane mode”)

— Read English books.

— Find out about the coming important events in the world and watch them on the Internet (sports events, singing contests, film festivals, etc.).

— Take part in speaking clubs either online or offline.

— Keep in touch with your teacher and never miss a chance to chat with him.

— Make a video tour if you go to some interesting places and share with your friends and teacher.

*Instagram belongs to Meta Platforms Inc., whose activities are recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation.
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