Phrasal verbs, also known as multi-word verbs, are made up of a verb and one or more particles. Your students will need to study hundreds of phrasal verbs on their way to fluency. To make things easier we often present new ideas and tips on teaching Phrasal Verbs, activities and online interactive tasks that will help learners practice more. In this article, we will introduce the list of the top 20 Phrasal Verbs in 2023 with their corresponding definitions and exercises. 

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Task 1

Introduce and help your students learn the new words with Quizlet cards. Here you will find exercises on spelling, matching, and writing. 

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Task 2

Match the words with the definitions. Here students learn and practise the following phrasal verbs:

• To mess around
• To account for
• To beef up
• To bristle at
• To keep to yourself
• To burn out
• To dress up
• To kick off
• To nod off
• To stay up

Task 3

Match the words with the definitions. The memory game exercise to help your students learn and practise the following phrasal verbs:

• To straighten up
• To blow up
• To crack up
• To fall for
• To cheer on
• To drop by
• To fill up
• To whip up
• To sober up
• To patch up

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Task 4

Choose the right phrasal verb to complete the sentences. Having learnt all the 20 Phrasal Verbs here students have more practice by choosing the appropriate Phrasal Verb.

The online exercises introduced above have helped my ESL students greatly to learn Phrasal Verbs easily and quickly. Bookmark the article to have it at your disposal.

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