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Although teenagers are fantastic students to work with, they are so picky. It is quite common that teachers struggle to motivate them to work with some topics. There are lots of topics they don’t want to discuss. How to engage them in the lesson on environment, education, family?   In this article you will find […]

How long have you been teaching? A year? Five? Ten? How long have you been teaching the same topics? Aren’t you fed up with them? Do you change your lessons or do you follow the same template every time you are to teach Present Simple or Reported Speech? Do not be taken aback. You are […]

In this lesson students will discuss digital piracy, read an article and have a debate on the topic. They will practise reading detail and speaking for fluency. Age: adults and teenagers Level: Upper Intermediate + Time: 70 mins Lesson type: reading and speaking Number of students: 1 — 8 Materials: worksheet Digital piracy (a worksheet) […]

Understanding the process of memorization opens many doorways to improved memorization techniques, to enhanced awareness of mental processes and more effective lessons. So how does remembering happen? The architecture of memory Once a memory is created, it must be stored: first in the sensory stage; then in short-term memory; and for some memories in long-term […]

Students shouldn’t be afraid of using the wrong tense or omitting an article as making mistakes is the proof of learning, but the question is how teachers handle these mistakes. Too much error-correction can demotivate students, on the other hand, to let the conversation flow and not to correct any mistakes can also cause some […]

According to Cambridge dictionary definition vox pops are the opinions of people recorded talking informally in public places. ‘Vox populi’ is a Latin phrase that literally means ‘voice of the people’ (wikipedia). These short interviews are valuable material in ELT since they offer a number of considerable advantages. Benefits of vox pops Vox pops provide […]

Fossilized errors are errors which the student makes constantly. They know they make these mistakes. They know the rules. They are able to correct themselves swiftly when the teacher points it out. However, they continue to do it over and over again. Many teachers will agree that it is much easier to teach their student […]

The worksheet for the first episode you can find here.

Online – probably one of the most popular words nowadays in our life. I believe, we are not ready even to imagine life without PC and we just do not want to think about it. The Internet has created a big World which unites all countries and people and where there is no need to […]

In this lesson, students learn more about Guy Fawkes Day, practise listening skills and speaking for fluency. Age: teens / AdultsLevel: Upper-Intermediate+Time: 50 minsLesson type: Listening and SpeakingNumber of students: 1 — 8Materials: worksheet, teacher’s notes

Готовые материалы, автоматическая проверка д/з, повышенная оплата уроков, воркшопы и методическая поддержка