Метка: тесты и квизы

We use used to / get used to / be used to differently although these constructions look similar. Let’s find out which one expresses habits and the one which is used to talk about being accustomed to something or getting accustomed to something. Let your students take a quiz! More quizzes for Upper Intermediate/Advanced level:

Your students continuously misuse adjectives ending with -ed and -ing? They don’t remember the rules on degrees of comparison? Or maybe they don’t know how to order adjectives in a sentence? No worries, here we have designed loads of interactive exercises which cover all these issues and even more. Exercises are mostly suitable for Intermediate […]

Here we have prepared a list of interactive exercises on the topic of “Jobs” for Pre-Intermediate level. Task 1 Learn the new words with Quizlet cards. Here you will find exercises with spelling, matching, and writing. Task 2 Write the words on the topic of “Jobs”. Use the definitions to find the right options. Task […]

How do you ask questions with prepositions at the end? Let’s check if you’re always right. To end a question with a preposition is a little less formal. In emails, text messages, and notes to friends, it’s perfectly fine. So, let’s practise asking such questions. Take the quiz. Read as well:

Here you will find interactive exercises for your young learners, which will help them to practice Present Perfect. Task 1 Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the verbs. Task 2 Choose the correct options. Task 3 Match the pairs. Read as well:

There are no rules for adjective-preposition combinations, so it’s a good idea to try to learn them together. How do you use prepositions with adjectives? Take the quiz to check it. As you read and listen to more English, you may notice that there are a lot of adjective-preposition combinations. The only way not to […]

You are teaching students of Upper-Intermediate level and they still use kind, honest, practical words to describe different personalities? Here you will find 35 words and phrases which will spice up your students’ vocabulary and they will be able to describe personalities like a native speaker. With the help of interactive exercises they will practise […]

Airport vocabulary is highly required especially on summer holidays, when ESL learners go travelling. To make things easier we have designed various cards and exercises to help your students learn and practise words on the topic “Airport”. The vocabulary introduced in the exercises is appropriate for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate learners. Task 1 Learn the new […]

Are you sure that you know how to use modal verbs to show your certainty about past events? Take the quiz to check it. Modal verbs can be focused on making deductions about the past. It means you’re guessing if something is true using the available information. The modal verb you choose shows how certain […]

Here you will find interactive exercises for Upper-Intermediate learners, which will help them to practice different forms of Passive Voice including impersonal Passive structures. Task 1 Complete the sentences as in the example.  It is said that this orchestra is the best in the world. This orchestra is said to be the best in the […]

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