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Our world is becoming more and more globalized. It means that we are living in one community with a great number of connections between people from various countries and cultures. Our adult students look for a job abroad and children look forward to entering foreign universities. We as teachers should always bare this globalism in […]

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What is the best and the most effective way to teach languages? There are so many approaches and techniques: Grammar-translation Approach, Natural approach, Communicative Approach, Lexical Approach, etc. In this article, we will explore the principles and implications of the lexical approach. What is Lexical Approach? The term “lexical approach” was introduced in 1993 by […]

Students usually form positive sentences with a correct word order easier than question sentences. They often confuse the word order especially in special questions irrespective of tense forms. Here are some exercises you can use to practise question forming both in written and oral forms. The tasks are suitable for all levels. Task 1 Prepare […]

Here is a list of songs that can be used to practice Past tenses. How lyrics can be used in the lesson? to present the topic; to practise new target grammar; to revise the grammar structure. If you want to use our worksheets for higher levels, upgrade the task. The worksheet contains lyrics with target […]

Do your students like reading at home? Do they read books, article, news in English? How often do they read in English just for pleasure? Nowadays, the biggest challenge for teachers is not simply making students read but getting them to enjoy it too. In this article, you will find ideas on how to implement […]

In this webquest students will find out more information about the most infamous serial killer whose identity remained unrevealed. They will practise reading for detail, develop their critical thinking. Age: 18+Level: Upper IntermediateTime: 50 minsLesson type: Information searchNumber of students: 2-8Materials: worksheet, teacher’s notes

Countdown to Christmas starts soon! Are you ready? Kids are really excited about the upcoming holiday. An advent calendar is perfect to create a Christmas mood and pre-teach the vocabulary. Open one door a day, learn new words and have fun! Every next lesson revise the previous words first. Usually, children get a sweet for […]

There are so many stereotypes about teaching online: lack of a personal connection with the student, limited resources, more preparation work, etc.. Of course, there are some pitfalls but does the work of an online teacher dramatically differ from the work of an offline one? Let’s see. Here is a typical working day of one […]

We are living in the era of the Internet, super-fast smartphones and robot vacuums. Our students are spending half of their free time on social media. They know what “Stories” are (not the ones in books), how to google anything and which side of their face looks more advantageous in a selfie. Many of us […]

In this video, the bear brothers desperately try to acquire more friends and decide to become “internet famous”. This worksheet is designed for Pre-Intermediate teen students and will perfectly fit a lesson on the topics “Friendship”, “Internet celebrities”, “Becoming famous”, “Modern world”, “Teenagers and their problems”. These activities are suitable for group and one-on-one classes […]

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