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Christmas is not only about amazing decorations, fabulous Christmas trees and ornaments, but also about delicious food and sweet cakes. To spice up your classes with Christmas recipes, you can use the following lesson ideas in our worksheet.   Почитайте по теме New Year and Christmas dishes around the world: lesson ideas и, конечно, наш […]

While the borders are closed and we can only dream of going to explore most European countries, let’s do it! This lesson will help your students remember useful travelling vocabulary and understand where to use will and going to. Moreover, they will enjoy this English trip to Europe to develop necessary skills. Get this worksheet […]

Christmas is in the air. Most people are waiting for it with great anticipation and joy. To count the days of Christmas there is a widely spread tradition of using the Advent Calendar. It was first used by German Lutherans in the 19th century. To make the most of the Christmas period, you can provide […]

The Present Simple tense is the first thing to learn in English as we need it to talk about regular events, general facts, and our everyday habits. Do only beginners need it? The name itself shows that it is very easy to form this tense — it’s simple, but even on the high levels students […]

Nonverbal communication is the transmission of messages or signals through eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture, and body language. In fact, it plays a crucial role in every type of communication and can cause misunderstandings. Taking into consideration the importance of nonverbal communication in the interaction, we have designed a worksheet for Upper-Intermediate with interactive […]

Приходит время, когда в английском начинаешь замечать детали и тонкости. Например, знаки препинания. Оказывается, и для них в английском есть правила. И их стоит знать, если предстоит экзамен на высокий уровень, который хочется сдать с достойным результатом. Или если собираетесь вести деловую переписку на английском. Пройдите наш тест Punctuation in English и узнайте, насколько вы […]

Do your students follow trends? In any case, this lesson by our reader Tatiana Elounda Ndzana will break the routine and engage the students. Discuss games and childhood memories, introduce and practise new vocabulary. Have a fun communicative lesson with your Pre-Intermediate students online and offline!   Авторский материал подготовила наша читательница Татьяна Элунда Ндзана. Хотите поучаствовать в […]

The worksheet about the impact of social media on humanity for teenagers and adults on Pre-Intermediate level

Do u want to spice up your classes with hot discussions on one of the latest movies? We’ve designed a worksheet on the movie No Time to Die for Pre-Intermediate

Pave the way for success for your students — use the advice of Claire Barnes, a Cambridge Assessment and CELTA certified specialist. This article is a compilation of useful tips on preparing for C1 Advanced from her recent webinar “How to prepare for C1, C2 exams”. Reading The main reading skills at the C1 level […]

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