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Airport vocabulary is highly required especially on summer holidays, when ESL learners go travelling. To make things easier we have designed various cards and exercises to help your students learn and practise words on the topic “Airport”. The vocabulary introduced in the exercises is appropriate for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate learners. Task 1 Learn the new […]

Are you sure that you know how to use modal verbs to show your certainty about past events? Take the quiz to check it. Modal verbs can be focused on making deductions about the past. It means you’re guessing if something is true using the available information. The modal verb you choose shows how certain […]

The issue of food waste is growing and that’s why it needs to be discussed not only during the thematic conferences but with our students too. We have designed a worksheet dedicated to topic “Food waste“ for Upper-Intermediate students. There are speaking and listening activities which will help them to enrich their vocabulary, a task […]

Here you will find interactive exercises for Upper-Intermediate learners, which will help them to practice different forms of Passive Voice including impersonal Passive structures. Task 1 Complete the sentences as in the example.  It is said that this orchestra is the best in the world. This orchestra is said to be the best in the […]

The exams season is at our doorstep, and everyone is amidst the emotional rollercoaster: parents, teachers and students, of course. This worksheet will help ESL students take a moment to think about how our brain, body and exams are interconnected. By learning about the origin of stress, they will be able to better handle the […]

Do you want to check your Advanced learner’s grammar? We have designed a test with lots of grammar issues suitable for Advanced learners. Send it to your students to see how well they know Advanced Grammar and spot the blind spots in their knowledge. More tests:

Changing standard word order is called “inversion“. In English it is usually used to make questions but not always… Take the quiz to learn more! In English sentences word order is usually fixed. But the thing is that sometimes in order to make something sound stronger and more emphatic, the normal subject-verb order in a […]

If you are teaching English online to children, you will definitely need interactive exercises on different topics. No worries, we are designing lots of online exercises for different purposes — both for grammar and vocabulary practice. Here we have prepared a list of interactive exercises on the topic of “My school, my classroom” for Elementary […]

We use reported speech to represent the speech of other people. In English, this aspect is somewhat different from Russian, as there are fixed rules for the order and use of words. We designed this worksheet to help you practise the use of reported speech with different types of sentences and in different situations. The […]

Every sentence you write or speak in English includes words, and each of them falls into some parts of speech category. To gain a basic understanding of sentence structure and the English language, one should not only learn the names of the parts of speech but also familiarise themselves with their meanings. This worksheet can […]

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