Livestream “How can we surprise our students at the lesson?”

Livestream “How can we surprise our students at the lesson?”

Bring life into the classroom and surprise your students!
Peter Stepichev and Olga Stepicheva will inspire you by sharing lots of practical ideas for unconventional lessons which can be applied straightaway.

Peter Stepichev is:
– a teacher trainer, an author and a creator of well-recognized board games and a patented tool “Grammar cube” (ГрамИК);
– an executive director of NATE (National Association for the Teaching of English);
– MELTA vice-president;
– the Teacher of the Year (2012) and a participant of several educational programmes in England, Germany and the USA.

Olga Stepicheva is:
– NATE member;
-a teacher of English at lyceum 1564;
– the author of “Vocabulary Puzzle” game.

Don’t miss an opportunity to enlarge your collection of creative teaching tips! Join us on June 6th, at 3 p.m.
Ask your questions to the speaker before our broadcast. Write them in the comments below!

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