10 great games from TV shows

10 great games from TV shows

TV games are perfect for English lessons.  A quick video demonstration of the rules will be much more effective than a long explanation from you. Show the student a clip of the game and have them figure out the rules themselves – a good listening task. Then have the student explain the rules to you –  some speaking practice here and we haven’t even started the game yet!

TV games also work well with the sceptic student. After all it’s not you making up some random game and trying to teach them the rules. If this game’s on television and Daniel Radcliffe himself is playing it, they probably won’t dare to be sceptic.

And of course, what better motivation to play a language game than to watch your favourite celebrities do it too!

Here is a list of games from the Jimmy Fallon show that require no preparation, and only one student can play during the lesson even if you are teaching online.  


Watch this video on YouTube.

To play this game during an online lesson you will need a random time buzzer and a word generator.
If your student is Beginner or Intermediate, it is better for you both to make your own word lists for the game, which is also possible to do on the website.

The goal for each player is to get their partner to say the word or word phrase displayed by the word generator on their computers. One player starts the timer and tries to get the partner to guess the displayed word or phrase. A clue-giver can NOT make any physical gesture, and can give almost any verbal clue, but may not say a word that rhymes with any of the words, give the first letter of the word, say the number of syllables, or say the part of any word in the clue. When the partner guesses correctly, they may take a  turn. The person should stop speaking when the buzzer rings. The first player to score 10 points wins.

2.Word Sneak

Watch this video on YouTube.

In Word Sneak, the players hold cards with random words that must be said in a conversation as seamlessly & casually as possible. For this game you can use random word generator.

3.Wheel of Opinions

Watch this video on YouTube.

For this game you can make a list of topics or have your students play along with one of the videos. Choose and play the clip. Each time a topic is randomly generated, pause the video and have the student express their opinion. Then listen to the opinion of the celebrity player.

4.Think Fast!

Watch this video on YouTube.

The student has to answer questions extremely quickly without pausing to think. Use an online buzzer and a random question generator.

5.Emotional Interview

Watch this video on YouTube.

Have a conversation with your student on a random topic. Every time a bell dings, you have to change emotions while continuing to speak. Use a random emotion generator.

This is a game where you are given prompts and you have to give funny answers.

Watch this video on YouTube.

For example:
A good name for a cheese shop: _________
The best fake name to use when checking into a hotel: ______
To amass a list of prompts you will either need to download the Quipplash app, do a bit of searching on google or come up with your own.

7.Best friends challenge

Watch this video on YouTube.

You and your friend take turns to answer questions about one of you. You need to write down your answers on a notepad, with the goal of writing down the same responses and then show them to each other.
You can use the list of get-to-know-someone questions.

8.Know it all
In this game you and your partner compete to see who can name more things in different categories.

Watch this video on YouTube.

9.This or that

Watch this video on YouTube.

In this game you have to choose what you would rather do and then guess what most people would rather do. The player who guessed correctly, wins a point.You can find lots of online versions of this game, here is an example: mob.ratherpoll.com

10.Three word stories

Watch this video on YouTube.

The players tell a story together, but can only say three words each in one turn. There’s a mystery word that Player 1 tries to get Player 2 to say within the story the two are telling.
For this game you can use random word generator.

Give these fantastic games a try and let us know which one was your students’ favourite!


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