Phrasal verbs, being an inseparable part of English vocabulary, play a crucial role in teaching ESL students. Are your students facing obstacles learning phrasal verbs? Is the process too confusing for them? No worries. It is just a matter of time, practice and, of course, concise and suitable resources.

Check out our previous article on How to Master Phrasal Verbs: books, exercises, tips. In case you are teaching teens, we have amazing articles on How to teach teens to use phrasal verbs. We also have some tests to help your students learn and practise the Phrasal Verbs that are introduced in the IELTS exam if you are teaching ESL for IELTS. And if you want to just check how well your students know phrasal verbs, check the article with a test suitable for Intermediate level.  

In this article, you will find 20 phrasal verbs with “look” and “take” with their corresponding definitions and online exercises to learn and practise them. The exercises can be used with the Intermediate level students.

Task 1

Introduce and help your students learn the new words with Quizlet cards. Here you will find exercises on spelling, matching, and writing.

Task 2

Match the words with the definitions. Here students learn and practise phrasal verbs with a word “look”.

Task 3

Match the words with the definitions. The memory game exercise to help your students learn and practise phrasal verbs with “take”.

Task 4

Choose the right phrasal verb to complete the sentences.

These engaging online exercises will definitely come in handy and help your ESL students learn and practise phrasal verbs. Feel free to bookmark the article and share it with your colleagues!

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