TV shows for kids

TV shows for kids

There are many great coursebooks we can use to teach kids but we can also ring the changes by using some media such as cartoons, movies or TV shows. I will share the list of TV shows I like. You can use or advise your children to watch at home as self-study. You may find some of them “old-fashioned” but the plots are up-to-date and the production, scenes look cute and nice. You can also see that many TV shows are based on books, so you can actually work both with books and videos. However, it’s better to use TV shows in class as the videos usually require comments and you can facilitate comprehension.

Peppa Pig

It’s a well-known TV show about Peppa Pig, her family and friends, different animals. Episodes are about everyday activities or situations familiar to kids such as riding a scooter, visiting grandparents, going to the beach, going to kindergarten. Although the characters are animals, they live “human” life: live in houses, drive cars, ride bicycles, wear clothes, etc.

Paw Patrol

The TV show is about a boy, Ryder. He is a leader of the “PAW Patrol” , search and rescue dogs. They protect the community of Adventure Bay. Each dog has its own special skills that are based on emergency services professions: a pilot, a police officer and a firefighter. Their dog houses that can transform into vehicles for their missions. They have special “pup packs” that have special tools for their jobs.

Woolly and Tig

It’s a comedy TV show. The episodes are about a 5-year old girl, Tig, and her toy, spider Wolly. The TV show focuses on what children may feel or what situations they can face with, e.g., feeling scared, changing the bedroom, feeling annoyed or bored. And how they can get through these feelings and situations. The spider talks with Tig about this, it helps her deal with these problems; tells her what to think. And Tig finally finds solutions.

Pete the Cat

It’s another TV show based on children’s books written by James Dean. The series are fun and full of music. Pete is a cat-explorer, he likes trying something new. Pete is very clever, cool and cheerful. He has many friends, they seek adventures and face challenges that children can associate themselves with.


It’s a TV show about Arthur Read, an aardvark, who is 8; his family and friends, and their daily life. He lives in the fictional town of Elwood City. This TV show is based on the book series, Arthur Adventure, written and illustrated by an American author, Marc Brown. The episodes cover such topics as dealing with asthma, children fears, cancer, bed-wetting, dyslexia, children fantasies, diabetes, autism. They show that people are different and everyone has their interests. Although the topics are quite serious, the TV show is aimed at the age group 4-8.

Meg and Mog

It’s a TV show also based on books written by Helen Nicoll. Meg is a witch whose spells always go wrong. Meg is her striped black and white cat of unusual breed and the Owl.

Sesame Street

It’s a TV show that combines puppets, animation, comedy and real live action. The main goal of the show is to prepare children for school, but it includes such topics as emotions, accepting diversity, relationships, social competence, ethics, resolving conflicts as well.

The Berenstain Bears

It’s a TV show based on the children’s books written by Stan and Jan Berenstain. It’s about a family of bears (Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Brother Bear, and Sister Bear) living in the rural community. Each episode shows Bears’ daily lives and different experiences they face with. There is a moral or safety-related story in every episode.

The Adventures of Paddington Bear

This TV series are also based on the book “Paddington Bear” by Michael Bond. It’s about a friendly bear from Peru, he has a hat, a suitcase, a coat, he loves marmalade. He is always polite and very kind. Paddington bear always gets in trouble and the episodes are about the adventures he experiences.


Maisy is another TV show based on the book by Lucy Cousins. It’s a about a Maisy Mouse and her friends, other animals. The narrator speaks with the characters but they make different sounds and noises as the imitation of speaking and the narrator understands them.

Charlie and Lola

Charlie and Lola is a television series based on the book by Lauren Child. Charlie has a little sister, Lola. Lola often gets in trouble that reflect reflect real-life situations the children may face, for example losing things or losing a best friend. Charie is very creative and he solves all Lola’s problems.


Humf is a TV show about a “furry thing”, Humf. The show is about his daily life, his friends and family. How they explore the world and how to be safe.


It’s a TV show about a rabbit. The episodes show an everyday life of a child, games they play. The rabbit learns the world and himself through new experiences he gains. 

Franklin and Friends

It’s a second adaptation of the characters from the children’s books “Franklin the Turtle” written by Paulette Bourgeois. The main character is the turtle Franlin and his friends are different animals. The episodes are about outdoor activities, some events and mysteries.


The series is again based on the books by Hélène Desputeaux. It’s about a 4-year-old boy who is exploring the world around him. He uses his imagination a lot. 

This list is not full. There are plenty of other great TV series you can use.

Enjoy your classes! 

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