CLIL in teaching primary students

CLIL in teaching primary students

Every day young learners explore the world and discover something new. Create a friendly atmosphere for such discoveries in the classroom using CLIL methodology. 

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is an approach in which a foreign language is used as a tool in learning of non-language subject in which both language and the subject have a joint role. You may find more theory about CLIL in this article

Why do we need CLIL teaching kids?

  • To teach something new about the world

Elements of CLIL at the lessons can broaden a child’s horizons and conceptual mapping, develop brain and hone thinking and learning skills. More than that, in this way all language and non-language information is learned naturally. It helps children to perceive English not as just a school subject, but an integrated concept. 

  • To personalize the lesson 

CLIL lessons can be great incentives for young learners as it’s a marvelous opportunity to talk about what they really like. Isn’t it interesting to learn about someth