How to introduce the topic in the lesson

How to introduce the topic in the lesson

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”
― Plato,

A good beginning will motivate the students and trigger their thinking and the desire to know and learn. A good beginning of the topic or lead-in is important as it prepares the learner for a new topic, helps to bring the topic into students’ focus, gives a clear idea of what the students will be learning and helps to create a positive class atmosphere. 

Here are some introductory activities for a new topic.

  1. You can use some visuals and the text around the visuals to help the learner get into the topic

Pictures work perfectly for any lead-in. If you are going to teach your students Present Perfect, you can show them two pictures “before and after” and ask to describe the pictures and explain what has changed during the period. There can be people’s portraits or pictures of a place, having undergone significant changes. 

You can find a quote