Comparative and superlative adjectives (test)

Practising adjectives with kids requires some time and patience. Previously, we have introduced a list of games you can use in your classroom to improve your younger learners’ knowledge in adjectives.

If you have already covered this topic and want to check how well they know comparative and superlative forms, here you will find a test.

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  • Nasirova SABINA

    Я хочу сделать тест про comparative and superlative

    • Здраствуйте. К сожалению, некоторые тесты действительно не сразу отображаются в браузере Хром. Попробуйте обновить страницу или просмотреть её в режиме инкогнито, пожалуйста. Проверили, тест на месте и работает

  • Саятова Гүлназ

    Я хочу сделать тест для comparative and superlative

  • Alla

    Thank you for a diverse material. I ask you to send lesson plans with a detailed stage explanation of a lesson. It’s a good opportunity to improve methods of language teaching.
    Good luck !

    • Skyteach

      Thank you for the positive feedback.
      Here you can find lesson plans with detailed teacher’s notes.


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