Climate change (Worksheet for Upper Intermediate level)

At the beginning of each new year, people make new resolutions, and some may be influenced by major issues in our world. This climate change worksheet can motivate your Upper Intermediate students to expand their horizons and begin to live more sustainably by reflecting upon climate change.


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  • Елена

    Thank you very much/ It is great!

  • Надежда

    Thank you very much! Your work is great and I am very pleased not only with the file itself (which is really useful!) but also with the wonderful organization.

  • Nellie R.

    Thanks a lot. You were really helful and creative!

  • Елена Л.

    Thanks a million for such an informative and truly fascinating lesson!)))

    • Thanks for sharing! We are very pleased to receive such feedback

      • Ирина К.

        Thanks a lot. Your materials are very useful and interesting.


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