Метка: upper-intermediate

It used to go without saying that only men could be breadwinners. Some decades ago women started to compete with men in all aspects of life: they became economically active, they started to take important political decisions, they run international corporations. All these aspects affect contemporary society when men are not keen on earning money […]

Connected speech is challenging for English language learners, both in producing and processing it.  At an advanced level, it is often the stumbling block to understanding native speakers, watching videos and movies in English. On being shown the transcript or subtitles, learners are sometimes stunned at how unrecognisable the text can become when spoken.  In […]

Our life got deeply stuck in social networking sites and people are getting more and more Internet-addicted. Net junkie is a neologism that means that a person can’t imagine his/her life without the Internet. People want to show their life, so they post hundreds of pictures every day, trying to cope with their inferiority complex. […]

Netflix is becoming more and more popular, producing really interesting and breathtaking miniseries. The Queen’s Gambit is one of such a kind that is watched by people all over the world with a great interest. This film encouraged people to start playing chess and the popularity of this game has skyrocketed recently. Besides, it shows […]

People are so career-obsessed nowadays that they spend their whole life to achieve their goals. While climbing the career ladder or expanding their business, people don’t notice really important things around them, such as their family, nature, some pleasant trifles, possibilities to travel or just to read an interesting book. When they come to their […]

Language is considered to be a living substance that constantly evolves. Language changes its forms, structures, and some peculiarities die out like dinosaurs. All these changes take place under the influence of various political, economic, social factors. Even diseases introduce new words in our languages. 2020 is considered to be one of the most difficult […]

We live in a difficult period of mankind: COVID-19, hostilities, economic recession. All these factors make our future less and less predictable. The set of norms are being changed and what was prohibited yesterday is flourishing today. Some people have a right not to like something and they speak out, but they face aggressive and […]

It goes without saying that all parents love their children and they want to show this love online, they share pictures of their kids with friends or colleagues, forgetting to ask their kids if they want their pictures to be seen by people they even don’t know. Today we have a new word, that is […]

Social media has become an integral part of our life. Besides, due to world lockdown businesses move to online regime, online education is getting widely spread, we visit online museums and galleries. But there are some people who are sick and tired of social media and they deliberately quit it. So this worksheet will help […]

В современном мире ELT сериалы и фильмы вовсю используются преподавателями. Действительно они могут помочь сделать занятия еще более увлекательными и дискуссионными в зависимости от жанра, темы, героев.  Задания из worksheet ко второму эпизоду сериала «Easy» как раз помогут организовать разговорные занятия на одну из актуальных тем и обогатить словарный запас учеников, вовлечь в учебный процесс […]

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