В курсе начальной школы, в третьем или четвертом классе, ученики знакомятся с видо-временной формой глагола Past Simple. Для многих ребят изучение правила вызывает трудности. Например, сложности вызывает употребление правильных глаголов, их написание с суффиксом “ed”, произношение, а еще неправильные глаголы, отрицательные и вопросительные предложения, формы глагола “to be” и все виды предложений с ними.

Рассказываем, как помочь ученикам уровня Elementary легко и просто освоить форму Past Simple.

Мы ведем набор учителей английского с высшим образованием и опытом преподавания. Для знакомства с вами на первом этапе отбора мы попросим записать 4 аудиосообщения.

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Задание 1.

Знакомство с Past Simple начинается с форм глагола “to be”. Если нашим Elementary ученикам 10-11 лет, предложим им следующие задания.

«Головоломка» (Inside Out). Отработка употребления was/were.

Do you know this girl from Disney’s animation film «Inside Out»? Watch the video and fill in the gaps with was / were / is / are.

  1. Riley’s mum and dad _____ very happy to see baby Riley. 
  2. When Riley was a little girl she _____ sometimes sad and naughty.
  3. She _____ happy to play in the bathroom.
  4. She _____ keen on jumping on the sofa.
  5. She _____ happy to draw on the walls.
  6. Today Riley _____ 11.
  7. Today she _____ a good hockey player.
Keys: 1. were, 2. was, 3. was, 4. was, 5. was, 6. is, 7. is.

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Задание 2.

Watch the video and fill in the gaps with was / were / is / are.

Yesterday Riley and her family 1) _____ in Minnesota. Riley 2) _____ at school with her friend. She 3) _____  sad to go to the city.

Today Riley 4) _____ in San Francisco. She and her mum and dad 5) _____ in their new house. Mother 6) _____ not very happy, but Riley and dad 7) _____ smiling.

Keys: 1) were, 2) was, 3) was, 4) is, 5) are, 6) is, 7) are.

Задание 3.

После отработки форм глагола “to be”, изучим с учениками формы прошедшего времени для правильных глаголов. Чтобы этот процесс не стал скучным и монотонным, предложим отгадать сказку.

A fairy tale. Употребление правильных глаголов.

Fill in the gaps with the verbs from the box. Put the verbs in the correct forms. Guess the fairy tale.

Live, want, plant, open, receive (получить), look, smile.

Once upon a time in a far-far kingdom there 1) _____ a woman. She was alone and 2) _____ to have a child. One day she 3) _____ a magic seed from a fairy and 4) _____ it into a flower pot. Soon she saw a beautiful flower in the pot. When the flower 5) _____ its petals (лепестки) the woman saw a beautiful tiny girl in the middle of it. The girl 6) _____ at the woman with her blue eyes and 7) _____ .

Keys: 1) lived, 2) wanted, 3) received, 4) planted, 5) opened, 6) looked, 7) smiled.

The fairy tale is “Thumbelina”.

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Задание 4.

Для закрепления правила употребления вопросов вспомним сагу Джоан Роулинг.

“Harry Potter”. Отработка вопросительных форм Past Simple (Yes/No-questions).

Write the Past Simple forms of the verbs below and explain in English or in Russian (or show) what they mean:

help — _____ , read — _____ , train — _____ , feed — _____ , fly — _____ , fall — _____ ,clean — _____ , water — _____ , learn — _____ , practice — _____ , sell — _____ .

Keys: helped, read, trained, fed, flew, fell, cleaned, watered, learnt/learned, practiced, sold.

Задание 5.

Somebody stole Professor Snape’s magic liquid. Help Professor find who it was.

Player 1: Spin the wheel.

The number you have, shows you the person. Then answer Player 2’s questions about the person you have.

Player 2: ask Player 1 Yes/No-questions about what he or she did yesterday and guess who it was.


Player 2: Did you fly on your broom yesterday?
Player 1: No, I didn’t.
Player 2: Did you feed magic animals?
Player 1: Yes, I did.
Player 2: Are you Ron Weasley?
Player 1: Yes, I am.

1. Harry Potter. Trained with his Quidditch team, flew on the broom and caught Snitch.
2. Ron Weasley. Helped Hagrid with magic animals, fed them and cleaned the cages.
3. Hermione Granger. Read a book in the library, practiced new magical spells.
4. Nevil Lingbottom. Helped mis Strout with Mandragora, watered and planted them.
5. Draco MalFoy. Trained with his Quidditch team, learnt to fly on the broom, but fell down a lot of times.
6. Fred Weasley. Sold funny sweets with his brother George.

Задание 6.

What did you do? Отработка различных выражений времени (time expressions).

Spin the wheel, ask and answer the questions about you.


— What did you do last Sunday?
— I was at home. I did my homework and watched a film.
— What did you do on the 8th of March?
— I congratulated my mum. I gave her a box of chocolates.

Задание 7.

Отработка вопросительных форм Past Simple (Wh- questions).

Player 1: Finish the sentence “I was…”

Player 2: Ask questions to find out details. Use the question words:

What did you …?
Where …?
Why …?
Who … with?
How …?
How many …?

Then change your roles. The player who asks 7 questions about one situation is the winner.


Player 1: I was at home.
Player 2: When were you at home? What did you do there? Where did you go the day before? Why did you stay at home? Who were you with? How many people were at home with you? How did you feel that day?

Задание 8.

“Rapunzel”. Сравнение употребления Present Simple и Past Simple.
  • Do you remember the story of Rapunzel in Disney’s animation film “Tangled”?

Watch the video and fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the verbs:

be (2), look, have (2), hold, go, live, think, stole (украсть), could not.

Today is Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding day. They 1) _____ happy. Rapunzel 2) _____ very beautiful. She 3) _____ short brown hair now. Her father 4) _____ her hand and they 5) _____ to Eugene.

Yesterday Rapunzel wasn’t so happy. She 5) _____ in a tower with an old witch Mother Gothel. Rapunzel 6) _____ that Gothel was her mother. Eugene 7) _____ very poor and 8) _____ a crown from the palace. Rapunzel 9) _____ long magic blonde hair and 10) _____ leave the tower.

Задание 9.

Remember the continuing of the story. Tell what happened to Maximus the horse and Pascal the chameleon after they lost the wedding rings.


“Pascal was throwing petals looking at the happy couple. Suddenly one petal got into Maximus’s nose, he sneezed and the rings fell down and disappeared. Pascal and Maximus ran after them …”

Задание 10.

My memorable day. Разговорная практика с использованием Past Simple.

Tell about one of your memorable days (last birthday or New Year celebration, etc.). Use the questions below as a plan.

  1. When was your memorable day?
  2. How did you start that day?
  3. What did you do?
  4. Where were you?
  5. Who were you with?
  6. Why was it memorable?

Используйте простые и интересные задания с любимыми героями ваших учеников, предлагайте делиться важными событиями, чтобы таким образом ребята учились правильно использовать форму Past Simple в привычных им речевых ситуациях.

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