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Classes have already started. On the way to school, kids see different signs. Some of them know their meanings and it provides safety to schoolchildren. So here is a worksheet on this topic which is aimed at introducing some main road signs to primary school children. It is designed for elementary learners to practice their […]

Are your students interested in mental health, psychology and self-development? If so, you are in the right place. Here you will find a worksheet suitable for the Upper Intermediate level. The lesson is aimed at boosting students’ listening and speaking skills, helping them talk about feelings and emotions.   Read as well:

If you want your students to sound like native speakers you can’t go without English idioms. The language is full of nice and very often funny phrases which can’t be translated literally. So how to learn them? To make things easier we have designed Quizlet cards with 20 commonly used English idioms. Apart from that, […]

In English adjectives are usually followed by different prepositions. And sometimes it may be really difficult to choose the right prepositions. If your students face obstacles with these adjectives, you may use the following interactive exercises to help them practise. Task 1 Fill in the gaps with the necessary prepositions. Task 2 Choose the appropriate […]

Sales vocabulary is highly required nowadays not only for the sellers but for the consumers as well. To make things easier we have designed various cards and exercises to help your students learn and practise words on the topic Sales. The vocabulary introduced in the exercises is appropriate for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate learners. Task 1 […]

To use -ing at the end of the verb or not? Is it correct to say He made me to see a doctor or not? If your students face obstacles with these issues, they definitely need more practice. Considering the topic’s importance, we have designed interactive exercises on Infinitive, Gerund or base forms. The tasks […]

This worksheet is aimed at presenting the idea of slow living, discussing pros and cons of fast and slow living and practising new vocabulary in speech. It’s suitable for Upper Intermediate level.   Read as well for Upper Intermediate level:

The summer is the perfect time to discuss what makes us travellers and why so many people travel alone. This worksheet is designed to help your students discover what kind of travel experience they truly want and spark their interest in planning their first solo trip. In addition, they will learn how to plan an […]

We use used to / get used to / be used to differently although these constructions look similar. Let’s find out which one expresses habits and the one which is used to talk about being accustomed to something or getting accustomed to something. Let your students take a quiz! More quizzes for Upper Intermediate/Advanced level:

Summer is one of the most refreshing topics for young students, especially if you have an opportunity to conduct lessons outside. But first, let’s teach them how to stay safe in the sun.  The worksheet is aimed at introducing some of the important steps to take when spending time in the sun to primary school […]

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