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This CLIL worksheet is designed for primary learners aged 7-9 with beginner level. They will learn about the human brain and its functions, improve their memorisation and speaking skills, enlarge the vocabulary and discover how to make the brain work better.   Read as well:

Are you looking for ways to show realistic conversations and dialogues to your students? Do you want them to be able to understand native speakers? Contemporary English textbooks do help students in their journey of learning a language. However, they alone are not enough. And here comes TV with its lively shows. Movies, cartoons, TV […]

The worksheet is designed for preschool learners with beginner level. Students will learn words related to the topic “Party”. They will also practice their speaking and listening skills.   Read aw well:

The standard order of words in an English sentence is subject + verb + object. While this sounds simple, there are far more complicated sentences where placing the words in the right order may turn out quite challenging.  Here we have prepared three types of interactive exercises created on Learning Apps and suitable for the […]

In this lesson kids will learn words related to ocean animals and revise the grammar “have got”. They will also improve their speaking and listening skills.  The worksheet is designed for preschool beginners.     Read as well:

Narrative tenses are verb tenses that are used to talk about the past. We usually find them in stories, textbooks, spoken accounts and descriptions of past events. In English, there are 4 narrative tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. One or more of these can be found in a sentence. […]

We designed this worksheet for the Beginner level primary school children (7-9). Students will learn a new grammar structure “There is/There are”, revise names of the places in town and practice their speaking, writing and listening skills.   Read as well:

Teaching ESL students countable and uncountable nouns sometimes proves to be a little challenging when things come to a higher level. Young learners will do just fine if you say that uncountable nouns are things we can’t count, and countable nouns are things we can count. But the same won’t work with higher-level students. While […]

Many textbooks use strangely sad or even frightening text fragments to introduce the Past Continuous tense: for example, Headway has bank robbery stories from newspapers, and English File writes about a girl who loses her fortune. I believe that grammar can and should be introduced through positive examples. One of them is Jerome K. Jerome’s […]

This worksheet is designed for beginner preschool learners to help them enlarge their vocabulary on the topic “Body parts” by using shadow puppet theater tricks. The exercises in the worksheet are also meant to boost their listening and speaking skills.   More worksheets:

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